The Best Bathtub Trays

In modern times, bathtub trays are in trend and it is considered as essential part of any bathroom decor. These trays are available as spa provide you a worthy decor. These trays are designed for multipurpose. You can keep book or tablet on it, or you may have right to use it during shower, have a foamy bath and this tray clutter with essentials. Have a look on the list of some bath trays mentioned below:

Best Bathtub Trays Worth Considering in 2022

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

If you want to spend some quality time with your partner, you can decor this bath tray as wine tray with roses which is perfect thing to have while having special time with your loved one.It extends from 29.5” to 43” and has a non-slip bottom on the sides to make sure it stays in place. The tray has separate place for a wine glass, a cup holder, two side trays that can be removed, and a holder for a tablet or book. Additionally it has Plus, it comes with a free soap holder. Available in natural bamboo and a variety of other finishes, you’ll be able to find a tray that matches your bathroom’s design.

Mind Reader Bathroom Shower Bathtub Tray

A simple and customized bathtub tray to decorate your bathroom. It is manufactured by bamboo and is non-adjustable. It measures 27.5” long. This bath tray is specially constructed of slats of bamboo, but it has edges, it make sure that none of your items fall over side of the tray. This is a super versatile tray that can even be used on the edge of the bathtub, it measures 5.75” wide, to keep items organized at all times.

  • Ready to use
  • Resistant against mold, fungi
  • The tray is highly durable

Domax Bathtub Caddy Tray

This amazing bathtub tray has multiple compartments for griping different items to make perfect your bath time relaxation. Moreover, to the natural bamboo finish, there are green, black, gray, or brown lacquer finishes. The tray contain two smaller removable trays on the ends that are perfect for holding towels, lotions, or anything else, and there is fixed holder which is perfect for a book or tablet. A wine holder keeps your glass near you, a phone holder keeps your phone visible, and a cup holder is ideal for holding a candle, bottle of wine, or mug. This tray’s length measures 29.4” and 44.2”.

  • Sizes can fit in all types of tub
  • Material ensured durability
  • The tray can be hard to clean

Good-Love Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

This bath tray comes with a removable tray. It also has phone slot, wine glass holder, cup holder and book stand, this bath tub tray has all necessary things. This tray is specially made of durable bamboo, its slides expand from 27.5” to up to 40.9. The book or tablet stand can be adjusted to three different angles and the stand itself is rustproof. The removable item tray is perfect to free up space. You can adjust it to fit all kinds of bathtub sizes. No assembly required, which makes this product highly convenient. It is made of waterproof material

  • The phone holder may not fit all phone sizes
  • The book holder is a bit wide

Luxury Bath Caddy Tray

This bathtub tray is made of bamboo and and amazing finishing. This bamboo is naturally resistant to mold and water damage. So you don’t need to do extra maintenance. With a foldable and expandable design, the tray can extend upto 29” to 41.5” and can be folded down to just 14.5” for simple storage. The tray contains two removable sliding trays to hold spa items, a wine glass holder, and a cup holder that is perfect for keeping a mug or candle secure. There is also separate section for phone to keep your phone upright and an adjustable stand designed for a tablet or book.

  • The foldable design saves space
  • It is made from eco-friendly materials
  • The tray also includes a wine glass holder
  • The tray may emit a weird smell after unpacking
  • Tends to slide off the bathtub after some time

Bamboo Bath Caddy Tray

This bathroom tray comes with several compartments that hold bathroom necessities. It features bamboo construction with brushed finishing, and comes with adjustable feet between 29.5″ to 45″ in width, which can be fit to all bath sizes. This tray contain an extra-wide wine cup holder that can hold up to two cups, a detachable spa tray, an all-in-one cup holder, a mobile phone holder, and an inclined waterproof book/tablet holder to allow you to read or watch videos conveniently. It comes with non-slip feet for a firm grip.

  • Detachable and movable trays
  • Has non-slip grips
  • Comes in a beautiful natural bamboo finish
  • The book/tablet holder angles are slightly inconvenient
  • Removable trays can slide around easily

Buyer’s Guide

A bathtub tray makes it possible to get clean, relax, let you enjoy a glass of drink you prefer, for a movie, or study. It is made to hold these things above your tub and prevent them from falling in. These trays are usually made with different materials like wood, stone, metal, or bamboo, but no matter what material they come in, they have a common function of helping you relax and adding an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

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