Youngster’s Watch Craze


Gone are the days when watches used to be large, awkwardly heavy utility items where one would need to wind them time and time again to get them functioning smoothly. And their only use was to tell the time. Not now. Now they are sleek, shiny, smart fashion accessories often a symbol of representing your personal image and style. Grownups and youngsters are both careful in buying a watch as it will be an extension to what they project to the world.

Interestingly enough, while the advent of technology has introduced the world of smartphones and other gadgets, watches continue to remain the classic accessory. Watches go through various upgrades and modifications, but the basic idea of a timepiece of your wrist is still alluring. Perhaps this is why, the tech-savvy youngsters and teenagers are still crazy in buying watches.

Below is a list of watches that are quite popular with the youngsters. They have been selected for their affordability and look.

  1. Invicta 1110:
    Invicta 1110 is known for its sleek and streamlined shape. The white stitching against black leather straps is set off perfectly. Similarly the black numbers, black markers against the silvery white background provide a clear display with a slight luminosity which provides a perfect finishing touch. The watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters and uses the quartz movement to tell the time with an accurate precision. A must choice for everyone who wants to buy a watch.
  1. Nixon Time Teller P:
    The Nixon Time Teller P series is designed for teenagers and youngsters.  They come in almost 32 different colors, along with some cool combinations. The design is elegantly simply with the 3 hands utilizing quartz movement featured in a 40 mm case that is highly comfortable.
  1. Festina F16614/2:
    Deviating from the black and white display, the Festina Festina F16614/2 has a blue dial with markers and hands in silver. Featuring the quartz movement, it is also water resistant up to 300 feet. Its durability also reaches to its face cover which is made of mineral crystal. Overall, the blue and silver combination is perfect for any teenager with a sense of style.
  1. Timex Easy Reader T2N955:
    The Timex Easy Reader T2N955’s most noticeable feature is its large and clear display of almost 38 mm face. The numbers are quite easy to read and the watch is water resistant to almost 100 feet, ensuring that teenagers would have no problem with their watches in swimming classes. The glossy case with a silvery plating, the Timex Easy Reader T2N955 series is an excellent choice for teenagers.

  1. SWISS LEGEND 11818D-PHT-01:
    The SWISS LEGEND 11818d-PHT-01’s most dominating feature is its study and elegant built. The stylish dark color theme of the watch is matched by a black dial with grey markers. You can also see the date which is displayed in a small rectangular window situated above the 4 o’clock mark. Like most of the watches in the Swiss Legend series, this one also features a Swiss quartz movement in the hour, minute and second hands.
  1. Accurist MB859N:
    The Accurist MB859N gives off a really cool look with its stainless Steel Plated Band with fold-over safety clasp. It is water resistant up to 100 meters and the features a protective mineral glass window and a round stainless steel case. The gold and silver color is paired perfectly giving it a smooth finish.
  1. Zoo York ZY1304:
    The Zoo York ZY1304 features a stylish all-black design, with a black dial and a stainless steel black case. Contrasting the black background are the white numerals and hands adds to the elegance. The Zoo York ZY1304 is simple and classic in its style and is a must for classy teenagers.

Youngster's Watch Craze