World’s Most Expensive Xbox!!

Can you guess how much a Xbox can really cost? Are you a real gamer? Well let us show you today the World’s most expensive Xbox costs $10,000! The British factory Harrods is selling this 24-carat-gold-plated Xbox One just for $9778.80, or the price of approximately 19 normal Xbox. Harrod’s is one store that’s famous for its bizarre and occasionally laugh-out-loud selection of luxurious and expensive products, and this video game system made of gold is no exception. Of course, the attention is going to shift to the retailer in hopes to see a 24K gold PlayStation 4, which fans will probably agree that it would be an extravagant sight to behold, so that particular item may only be a few steps behind the golden Xbox One – especially considering the amount of buzz this item has created for the company amongst gaming aficionados.




World's Most Expensive Xbox!!