Top DIY Nails from Pinterest

These days, merely painting your nails red isn’t really enough anymore; there are some brilliantly artistic and creative designs out there to transform your nail painting into real nail art. Of course, it doesn’t have to be quite as complicated as it may seem; you don’t really need to go out and buy fancy tools or products, you just need some motivation!

We’ve compiled some of the best nail art hacks so that you can join the trend with ease, regardless of your creativity or perceived skill.

DIY tape nails

DIY tape nails – Source

Galaxy Manicure // 25 Galactic DIYs Inspired By Outer Space

Galaxy Manicure – Source

I love the use of the matte nail polish in this design, simple yet elegant.

Matte nail polish in this design – Source

Quilted Nails - 15 Textured DIY Nail Tutorials That'll Make A Statement | GleamItUp

Textured DIY Nail Tutorials – Source

Converse Nail Art

Converse Nail Art – Source

Ombre Heart Mani - Awesome Nails

Ombre Heart Mani – Awesome Nails – Source

Top DIY Nails from Pinterest