Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make Up:

In today’s polluted environment everyone gets skin problem and women are the main victim of skin problems. Because the make-up which they use are all not made with good material if they don’t use some good brands their skin gets easily smashed, their busy schedules don’t give them so much to care about their skin or check the quality of make-up. So today we bring some easy tips from Style Craze by follow them you will get smooth and shiny skin without using any make-up.

Tip # 1: Water Intake:
More and more water intake is beneficial in every season, it helps to flush out the waste from your body, and give your skin sparkling glow which is not possible to get from any branded make-up.
benefits of drinking water

Tip # 2: Moisturising
Moisturising your skin is important element to get soft and shiny skin. You can use any natural product for this purpose, daily moisturizer will stop the aging lines on your skin and give you fresh look.

Tip # 3: Face Wash
Wash your face twice or thrice a day to get rid of dirt and germs that came in the result of pollution. Use the face wash which have purifying ingredients to clean your skin.

Tip # 4: Make a Habit to Use Toner.
After every wash use toner, toner is as important as moisturising and washing your skin, so don’t feel lazy to use it, it will help to tight the skin and remove extra oil.

Tip # 5: Usage of Sunscreen:
Don’t forget to use sunscreen before going outside in day time. Because the sun exposure leaves harmful effects on your skin, it is simply called beauty disaster, so make sure to use sunscreen, it is better to keep it in your bag every time.

Tip # 6: Lemon With Hot Water:
Lemon with hot water is really helpful to flush out the toxins from the body in the result you will get the clear shiny skin.  Lemon and hot water will help to hydrate your body so try to switch your morning tea with this drink to get glow on your skin.

Tips to Look Beautiful Without Make Up: