Tips to Get Incredible Looks



July and August are the birthday months, everyone and anyone was born in these months. So we end up maxing our credit card in order to throw parties, buy gifts and to look good at the parties. However, what if it’s a surprise party? You would still get some time to prep up your look for it but what if it’s YOUR surprise birthday party? A bell rings on the day of your birthday, you reach the door in your home rags and open the door. Ta-da! Flash, click and blast of a party popper. There your friends finally get ugly pictures of yours for your next Facebook Birthday Post. No one wants that, right?

We all must have a friend in our group who always looks cute and well put together even if it’s a surprise party. That person would manage to look fabulous anytime you drop by their house. Unlike us, they don’t really need a show cause notice before a surprise party, because they are always ready for it when it comes to looks. Are they naturally gifted that way? Or do they make some extra effort to keep up? The latter you may think is not possible because of a tough schedule. You are wrong there. All you need is some quick tips to look incredible at home all the time!

A lot of you may raise the question that why would we care about how we look at home? It is supposed to be all about warmth and comfort. You are right there but keep in mind that how you look translates into how you feel. Looking cute makes us feel confident and happy. Whereas wearing dowdy, dull and frumpy clothes and slippers can make you feel lazy and not so good about yourself.

So, what is the case with you? Do you put into your appearance when you are at home alone or have company? Do you tend to get a lot of surprise drop by guests? Do you put on makeup every day you wake up irrespective of your whereabouts? Or are you zero at home and transform into glam when it’s time to leave the house? Ask yourself these questions and know where you belong. If you are lazy like most of the people, this article is just the right stop for you.

You are as young as you feel. To feel young and look good on daily basis, you don’t have to go for expensive cosmetic surgery or products. We have your back with 10 quick tips to groom yourself for a glamorous look at home. Starting from general tips to specific, it will be a systemic ladder to climb with a new you at the top.

1) Body

Body postures matter a lot. Do not sulk or else you anything you do to look good, automatically goes to vain. Bad posture leads to weak muscles, back bends and an old look at any age. The secret to a youthful and attractive body is a straight spine with a good posture. Pull your tummy in and maintain that always. Be it home or outside, what you follow most of the hours in a day, is what you will do every other time. This instantly gives a lively active persona instead of a dull and lazy aura.

2) Hands

Hands are the first area of contact whenever anyone comes. Keep your hand tidy and clean because that’s not just good for your impression but also your health. Moisturize and use sun protection for a long run. Add in a little bit of tan in your morning hand regimen to fill in color into a dull winter pallor.

3) Face

Add a homemade mask to your weekly routine. Use an all-purpose natural ingredient based mask at least once a week for healthy and ready to go skin. Our personal favorite is an egg white and honey mask. Add in lemon or cucumber juice or milk for a cleansing effect. Use it more often when preparing beforehand for a function or your birthday just in case someone drops by unexpectedly. This will keep your face glowing and healthy all the time.

4) Eyebrows

You may think that eyebrow grooming is just for special occasions around the year but that is not the case. Your brows if aren’t groomed and look unkempt, the whole aura just fades away. It is a major turn off and looks very unattractive. Groom them daily yourself and a fortnightly or monthly trip to the salon is necessary depending on your hair growth. Use makeup to fill in and perfect the arching shape instead of constant plucking. Keep in mind that they are the first to be seen on your face.

5) Eyelashes

Eyelashes are the game changer. Long curled eye lashes instantly give a feminine look. So invest in an eyelash curler and you will be set for life. Use it every morning and add in mascara for a dramatic and darker look. This makes your eyes look wider and pops up your smile. Make it a daily habit and you will never look dull. Instead, you will always be hot and ready to be served.

6 )Cheeks

Round cheeks are the new thing. Smile a lot and laugh out loud because that lifts your face and cheeks instantly giving a more round and youthful look. Add in color to your cheeks every day by going for a run or exercising as this will increase blood circulation to the surface. For an emergency-last minute look, pinch them upwards to bring in the red color without using a blush. You will be all set for those flashes and clicks.

7) Lips

Last but not the least, your lips don’t lie. Exfoliate and moisturize daily at night and in the morning while brushing. Always keep a transparent or lightly tinted lip balm for a surprise ahead in your day. Also, invest in a lip balm with SPF in it for protection. To make them look fuller and juicier at the eleventh hour, bite on them lightly to bring blood to the surface. You will definitely get special attention and good pout pictures.

Tips to Get Incredible Looks