Step by Step Tutorial to Make a Diamond Fold Card

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For a times it makes a cool change to craft a card that is a little bit different. Today we will discover how to create a diamond card.


Things needed:
Firstly, you will need some simple and plain cards.

Which cards to be use?

  • Always acquire cards by their weight. Habitually we use numbers in different form of ‘gsm’ (grams per square meter).
  • The cards with higher gsm are thicker one.
  • Standard weight of the card is 260 gsm.
  • In the making of shaped base cards, the 220 gsm cards will work appropriate.
  • Thicker cards are not preferred as it become difficult to fold them neatly.

What else do I need:

A bone folder:
It is needed for folding and ceasing of the cards. By using a pointed edge simply crease the card and fold it then,

Simple along with different shaped scissors are needed for the cutting purpose.

Score boards:
The score boards have the scroll lines on them. They come with some scrolling tools. This will make quicker and easier to make the base cards. Simple scales can also be used for this purpose.

For sticking purpose adhesive glue is needed.

Different color ribbons are needed for decoration purpose.

Markers and other stuff:
Markers, glitters or some other stuff is required to decorate cards.




  • First of all Trim a piece of card size 298 x 100mm by using a scissor.
  • Start working from the left edge. Mark and score at 50, 99, 198 and 248 mm.
  • Mark the center point 149mm at the top and bottom of the strip, but don’t score.
  • Then start to crease firmly along every score lines.
  • Use a bone folder for a proper neat and crisp folding.
  • Take a minute time doing this to make sure that the measurements and folds are perfect.
  • Then start folding it diagonally from the bottom edge of 50 mm line and from the center point of the top.
  • After that fold it diagonally from the bottom edge of 248 mm and from the center point of the top.
  • Groove and crease it thoroughly.
  • Then folding is done from the top of the 50 mm and central point from the bottom.
  • Then fold diagonally from the top of the 248mm line and the bottom of the centre point.
  • The groove and crease thoroughly.
  • Then Fold all of the crease lines as shown in the image.
  • The card will then naturally fall into a diamond fold.
  • Now this card is ready to decorate!
  • Take some different pieces of colored charts and ribbons. Start sticking them by using glue as shown.

Now your card is ready.

While sending this card pop a layer of bubble wrap on it or you can also use a card box instead of normal envelope. As these shape base cards are very fragile then simple ones.




Step by Step Tutorial to Make a Diamond Fold Card