Step By Step Tutorial of Ribbon Bow

Ribbon bows are not too hard to make, you can create your own ribbon bows with beautiful coloured ribbons, embellish them with little stones or studs, this is an art which you can use in your daily wear clips and bands. You will make them more beautifully when you will make it for your young girl, believe me your little princes will look real fairy when she will wear her mama made clips. Isn’t it lovely? Yes I know that’s why I bring this step by step tutorial for young mommies.
For making the ribbon bows you need:
Different sized ribbons.
glue gun
hair clip

Cut the ribbons in two sizes, you need 2 inch ribbon, cut 3 pieces of 6 inches and 2 pieces of 4.5 inches. Now take half inch wider ribbon cut 2 pieces of it both in 8 inch in size.
Cut the triangle from both sides of 2 inch wider ribbon.

To seal the edges use lighter, it will stop ribbon from fraying.

With the help of thumb and middle finger pinch the 6 inch long ribbon from center, repeat with all this sized pieces, secure them with string or knot them from center.

Repeat this procedure with 4.5 inch long ribbons.

Attach both the ribbon clusters with glue gun to secure them well.

Cover the metal clip with half inch ribbon pieces with the help of glue, don’t forget to seal the edges. It will give fine look.

Secure the ribbon with glue, attach the bow over the clip and wrap the ribbon around it.

Your ribbon bow is complete now, try this with different coloured ribbons and enjoy variety of clip bows.

Step By Step Tutorial of Ribbon Bow