Step By Step Flower Bouquet Tutorial

This could be an easy DIY project to gift your loved one on their special event or occasion. This will be the perfect gift for one who extremely loves the chocolate. Making the candy bouquet is not a very difficult task, you can make them easily with the help of this step by step tutorial.

How to Make?
For making candy bouquet you need:
1.6 inches long clay pots
2.your favourite chocolate’s wrapped bars
3.floral foam
4.acrylic paints
5.floral foam
6.glue gun for sticking
7.paper grass
8.paint brush
9. Wooden sticks

Step 1:
Paint the pots with acrylic paints. You can use outdoor paints to paint the pots if you have plan to re-use those pots. Paint should be nicely done. When first coat gets dry apply the second coat so the colour will look neat. It will take your time to wait for drying the pot.

Step 2:

After that when the pots get dry, you have to paint anything according to your theme with the help thin paint brush to get perfect results. Choose the perfect theme, related to which you can paint easily.



Step 3:
After detailing done, you have to cut the green foam and put it into the pot to make a bouquet. Add some glue drops into the base of pot so the foam will easily stick and will not move, this will secure it completely.


Step 4:

Bring lots of candy bars, you can take different varieties which you like most, try to get them in same sizes. Attach the bars one by one with wooden sticks with the help of glue.




Step 5:
After that fill your pots with paper grass, you can take it in different colours, according to your theme. Now start arranging the pot like a bouquet same as flower bouquet. You can add decorations as you like. There are many ways to arrange the candy bouquet I like the Terrell Family Idea and share it with you.



Step By Step Flower Bouquet Tutorial