Step By Step Different Style Braids Tutorials

Fashion is not only mean about your dress or accessories, your hair n its style is also the name of fashion. You can change your look everyday by learning some easy and cute Hair Style Tutorials. Today we came with braided style these are seven styles for seven days. So check them we know you will get in love with them.

1.Stylish Braided Pony Tail:
Trends change day by day and they bring effect on hairstyles also. Making pony-tail is normal  but if you want to add some style, so add a braid in it. The braided pony-tail look will give your hair some luscious look and versatility. Just some little tricks add in your style and get new look.

2. Twist Braid Like a Rope:
Braid like a rope is really easy. Make a pony-tail and divide it into two parts. Now start twist in your fingers, try to make tight twist otherwise it will look messy. Now start making a braid, twist each side over another in clock wise direction. Then tie them with headband or plastic band. Make sure that your grip over twist is tight other wise it will not look nice.

3. Style With Bow Braid:
These beautiful bow braids mostly done with French braid, lace braid or head band braid. This will give you a cute girlish look. Check out its tutorial and must try it to have a new look.

4. One Sided Loose Hair Braid Tutorial:
Everyone wants new styles in braids that must not be look like their childhood braid style. So in the time of searching new looks for you we found this loose hair braid look which is very easy and it does not take too much time, you have not need to spend hours in front of the mirror to get this gorgeous look. This is also used in wedding up-dos. So have a look on its dazzling tutorial.

5.Waterfall Braided Style:

When you listen the name Waterfall braid you must think that it is some critical work, but when you see its tutorial you will consider yourself wrong this time because it’s just need little practise. This waterfall braid style usually uses for brides to give them more gorgeous look. Have a look on its tutorial and learn the correct way to make waterfall braid.

6.Beautiful Lace Braid Style:
This style will give you the gorgeous girly look. We bet you will look ten times younger than age. This style make us so excited to share with you. This will give you the perfect party look as it is very eye-catching. You just need tail comb, hair band, bobby pins and hair pins to get this stunning style. Tutorial is available for the guidance.


7.Stylish Triple Braid Look:

Triple braid is very easy and modish look of braid. As the name shows Triple Braid’ it has three braids which are joined together to make one braid and give your hair the new look.

Step By Step Different Style Braids Tutorials