Some Exclusive Gift Ideas For 2016’s Christmas Taken from Pinterest


Gift in Cozy Slipper: – also check Christmas Trends at Lookeria
This will be the simplest and easiest treat for your loved ones, as some cosy and comfortable slippers are everyone’s need. Especially in winter season, because Christmas comes in chilled weather so give cosy slippers as a gift, it will show your care and love. You can make your gift more exciting by filing it, filling it with lotions or pedicure items will be the best options or some nail paints or makeup accessories.


Saying Tags For Christmas Gift:
Handmade gifts are always appreciated. Saying tags will be the perfect idea for Christmas gift, you can share your feelings by the help of saying. You just need to write them well wrap it or decorate it with unique manner. It will be the lovely gift.

Painted Wooden Coasters:
Another Handmade gift is wooden coasters. You can gather different designs and trace it on paper, then with the help of transparent sheets apply that design on wooden pile. Now apply your favourite colours over it. Paint according to the person to whom you are making. It is important to keep this thing in mind.

 Gift In a Jar:
Pick up attractive and cute jars, fill it with chocolates, candies or cupcakes. Decorate them with colourful ribbons, beads and other decorative stuff. Decorate it with red ribbons and glitter will make it the perfect gift for Christmas.

Little Cookie Bags:
Little cookie bags are good as a Christmas gift, as you can easily hang them on Christmas tree. Take different coloured fabric and make cute little bags, fill them with chocolate, coconut or different type of cookies. From child to old, everyone will love this gift.


Cute Prayer Box:
Prayers are the best gift among all. Especially when it is the time of any occasion so in this Christmas give your Loves ones Prayer Box. Make different type of prayer boxes, paint them, and decorate them with glitters, colourful stones or laces. Write prayer under it, if you want to fill it so put some colourful pencils or pen in it.

Glitter Filled Mason Jar Show Piece:
Centre pieces and show pieces is the best gift for women or young girls, because females are really fond of show pieces, they want to decorate their home and rooms with beautiful and eye catching show pieces. Even most of the working women like to decorate their office rooms with show pieces. So Mason Jar glitter filled show piece will be the best choice in Christmas 2016.

Some Exclusive Gift Ideas For 2016’s Christmas Taken from Pinterest