Outfit Ideas for Winter Weddings 2017

Got a date for winter weddings? Good luck with that. We all know it is hard to pick a nice dress for a wedding irrespective of the season. Having said that, with winter weddings, things are bound to get complicated. It is easier when the weather is warm and you can go with your breezy floral frock but what if it is getting chilly outside? How do you still manage to put together an attire that keeps you cozy and is elegant all at the same time?

Layering is the answer to that. Outerwear is a necessity now to keep you warm or else you can only hope that the bride and groom spent enough for a venue with a heater. This is the reason that in comparison to other seasons, winter wedding takes more of a thought process while choosing winter wedding dress because of the wind chill, precipitation, and falling temperature, all factor in.

To start off with the basics, length is highly significant. Floor length designs are perfect unless you pair black tights with knee-length dresses or else you will get a cold. Length is not just bound to the dress, but also for the sleeves. Gone are days when strapless silhouettes worked, layer up with a sassy jacket or opt for lace and sheer sleeves to flaunt your skin without getting sick.

Then comes the fabric which needs an equal amount of consideration. Chiffon is a big ‘no’ because it won’t insulate. Settle for rich fabrics which include velvet, sequins, and jacquard. They give a glamorous look and they are the good choice for the outfit for winter weddings. Moving on to the color, drop your light palette. Incline towards deep shades such as jewel tones, gusty greens, pungent purples and burning blues.

Keeping in mind the basics we just discussed, there are so many stores and online shops that the whole task can be overwhelming. In addition to rich fabrics, long sleeves and dark hues, other factors should also be weighed in. The formality of the affair, body shape, and one’s personal style also plays an important role while choosing the outfit for winter wedding. Do not fret though, no matter what your determinants are, all will fall into the following three types of dresses we have gathered as a comprehensive guide for you. These are not strict boundaries, feel free to traverse them and experiment with your own colors and designs to choose your winter wedding outfit. Read on.


  1. If the dress code by the invite is formal for the guest for winter wedding, you can wear this black gown. It has a cape giving it a trendy look and keeping you warm and chic at the same time.
  2. Winter weddings are favorites if you have a thing for velvet. This off shoulder silhouette velvet dress with long sleeves is as classy as it can get. The deep violet color is an ideal that can never go wrong.
  3. Sequins are the epitome of glam nights. The floor-length golden gown with or without the thigh-high slit and body-hugging full sleeves will let you flaunt and keep warm simultaneously. This will be hit for winter wedding attire.

Outfit Ideas for Winter Weddings 2017