Innovative Idea For HALLOWEEN 2016

It all started almost 2000 years ago when some Celtic guy thought that ghosts of the dead people would come back and haunt people if they left their homes and hence, we should dress up as ghosts ourselves to avoid being recognized as humans. Pretty crazy right? And pretty fun too if you like playing dress up. Halloween has evolved and grown into one of the most anticipated festivals of the year where people pretend to be ghosts and monsters (as if they aren’t already). Here we look at some people who don’t have a defined limit as to how far they are willing to go to celebrate Halloween.


Ultimate Horror:
Starting off on the best Halloween costume which is the worst fear of everyone these days, the “low battery” itself is enough to terrify you. Add its partner “no Wi-Fi” and you have the ultimate horror of practically everyone. With humor and a subtle criticism towards society, especially kids these days, these costumes are my personal favorite for Halloween.

Till Death do us part… Nah just kidding:
Because wanting to spend your whole life with your life partner is too mainstream, this couple took it to another level. Why stop at life? Why not beyond? Although corpses have been popular for Halloween since time immemorial, a well-dressed, decayed gentleman  with a complete bow tie and top hat is sure to make his dead bride blush… red? White?  You decide.

Eye popping:
I will be honest. This is just plain creepy. It’s not disgusting per se. it’s just infinitely creepy. I just want to ask why? Why would anyone even think of this?? Why don’t people want others to live in peace and have happy dreams? Because I know many won’t, including me.

Kids in Black (KIB):
If you believe in the conspiracies about Men in Black (MIBs), you should definitely believe in Kids in Black (KIBs).  Kids in Black need to happen this Halloween. Imagine your 7 year old kid as a cute, government secret agent assigned to protect top notch, highly classified government secrets (like who is stealing lunches) by threatening other kids. I wouldn’t even have the heart to resist their arrest.

The Weeping Angel is one of the scariest villains to appear in TV. Appeared in the famous Dr. Who series, Weeping Angels were statues who possessed extreme agility, strength and other supernatural powers but they would be frozen when looked at. This means, they can catch you if you blink, hence you were forced to never let them out of your sight for even a second. Their name derives from their act of covering their face (to prevent looking at each other and hence trapping each other forever) which gives the impression of “weeping”.  Weeping Angels are among the most popular TV villains and this costume is certainly brilliantly done. You never know when a statue might just jump at you and give you a heart attack.

 Sam (Trick ‘r Treat):
The most apt Halloween costume in my opinion. Sam was the villain featured in horror film Trick ‘r Treat. Despite his seemingly innocent appearance as a masked trick-or-treater, he is actually a demon with a pumpkin-like face who acts as an enforcer of the rules and traditions of Halloween. Because of course, Halloween is not a thing to be ignored. And whosoever tries to deny the rules of Halloween, better watch out for a kid who asking for candy with one hand and knife in the other.

Inflatable T-Rex:
The credits at the end of Jurassic Park films list stars that are human. But that doesn’t fool anyone. The real stars are the dinosaurs, especially the velociraptors, who gave life to the image of dinosaurs in a brilliant way. I am sure we all remember the Jurassic Park films and their theme soundtrack. Now, imagine your phone ringing that theme music while you wander around in this inflatable dinosaur costume together with shoe coves gloves and a fan with a battery pack. Pretty cool no?


Innovative Idea For HALLOWEEN 2016