How to Make Flower’s with Wire and Nail Polish

Make some awesome looking flowers by using some nail polish. No doubt, every woman has a fair collection of nail polishes at home, so this kind of project is going to be cheap as you don’t have to make a major investment and purchase heaps of supplies. You will require some wire to make the frame of the flower. At that point comes the most exciting step, making the shade of the flowers. This is a somewhat a slow procedure, so you will require a considerable measure of patience.


Material Required:

  • Some bottles of nail polishes of different colors.
  • A few strings of wire which is used to make jewelry.
  • Wire cutter in order to cut wire.
  • Pencil.
  • Clamp with a fine point to shape the petals.
  • Glue.
  • Glitter and pearls for decoration purpose.


Before beginning however, you ought to put a few newspapers on your working surface as you will most likely be making somewhat of a mess.

Step 1:
First step is making of flower frame that can be done by using a pencil and wire. Put a wire around the pencil and give it several rotations to make petals of flower. There will be around 5 to 6 petals per flower.


Step 2:
Use scissors to cut a wire and then you have to open the petals in order to have a flower like shape.


Step 3:

Now with the help of a clamp we will larger petals in such way that we will open the clamp and are opening the petals. Once all petals are opened, we will reshape them and slightly bend them.

Steps 4:

Now let’s paint the petals with nail polish. To brush you have to start from the center and then we will begin to spread the paint across the flat of the


Step 5:
After filling the petals with nail polish, try to hold the flower in such a way so the nail polish gets somehow dry and won’t fall on your working surface.

Step 6:

After that you can put some glitter or apply some small elements in order to decorate petals, for example, pearls on the petals with the help of glue.

You can likewise make jewelry with this procedure, for example, pins or pendants as they will be a truly pleasant present for somebody special.




How to Make Flower’s with Wire and Nail Polish