How to Get Glowing Skin in Seven Days

Find even a single person who does not want to have a good and healthy skin so that they look beautiful and we will believe that our whole life has been a lie. Perfect glowing skin is a dream that is common in women of all races and aspects of life. A radiant skin which is clear and glows is not a myth. It is a goal that is achievable just by taking good care of your skin, which sadly, most women lack at. That is why the idea of flawless skin looks like too much to ask for. Getting your skin to sync with you may seem like an endless battle against acne, pigmentation, dark circles, zits, blackheads, dry and dead skin and the list goes on and on.

You may smirk right now thinking that you don’t have these common girl problems, but it doesn’t matter if you have been lucky enough that you haven’t faced these issues yet. Chances of them lurking around the corner are high especially if you do not pay attention to your skin routine. That thought is ought to get you goosebumps. But fret not. If your skin looks dull and tired, there is nothing that some extra attention cannot reverse. However, it can be daunting to make your skin a priority while juggling the responsibilities of work and family life.

That being said, it is not a tough task and it is not too late either. We bring to you a seven-day plan that covers every important step to acquire a glowing skin. Here is how you should get started.

Day 1 – Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize

CTM is highly underrated. If you aren’t already doing it, you MUST start today. Practice this religiously and you will see why it is so emphasized upon. Use a cleanser to remove the pollution and dust buildup that clog your pores. After that apply a toner to make sure that no oil, dead skin or dust is left on the skin. For toners, you can use rose water, green tea, and even white vinegar. They will restore the pH balance of your skin and tighten your pores. Lastly, use a good moisturizer at the end and you have your skin regimen ready.

Tips – Remove any makeup you had on before starting this regimen. You can add a natural homemade brightening face mask using lemon, honey, milk and even tomatoes. Get a good humidifier so your face is always hydrated. Switch your pillow covers to satin to keep the moisture locked in.

Day 2 – Watch What You Eat

Water overdose is not even a thing. Drinking water is a simple yet miraculous step in keeping your skin and overall health in shape. It is emphasized upon furiously because internal care is as significant as external care. Control what you consume as your skin works with what nutrition you provide it with. Eating properly is important in achieving a glowing skin because only healthy skin glows.

In addition to eating more fruits, use a fruit mask too. They can be easily made and applied using what is your refrigerator. Bananas work great with dry skin and strawberries are best for oily skin. It will brighten up your skin without the use of any chemicals.

Tips – Do not forget to follow up your CTM routine every morning and every night for instant results.

Day 3 – Exfoliate

In order to let new and glowing skin come up and breathe freely, one must exfoliate to remove the dead skin. Exfoliation will open up your skin making it feel soft and radiant. It will let your skin receive more from your daily skin care regimen as it will bring new and more receptive skin cells on top. For this, you can use a scrub or a face sponge. Do not get harsh with it though. Applying a face mask after exfoliation is preferred as your new skin will be more receptive to the nourishment of the natural home-made mask. Do not forget to tone and moisturize your exfoliated skin to keep it hydrated.

Tips – Use a sunscreen when going out to keep your skin protected from UV rays that cause a lot of damage to your skin.

Day 4 – The Extra Mile

By this day of the week, you will be able to appreciate visible results in your skin. The texture will be smooth and even and your face as a whole will look healthy. But this does not mean you have reached your goal and can ease up on the daily routine. What you see is just a temporary improvement. In order to make it last longer, steam your face. This will open up the pores and help you cleanse deeper. Use a clay or honey and oatmeal mask and rinse off with rose water to reseal your pores. Continue with your CTM routine for faster and permanent results.

Day 5 – Massage

Keeping up with your CTM routine, massage your face with aloe gel. The action of the massaging will increase the blood circulation to your face bringing in more nutrients. This will help flush out toxins and help regenerate newer and well-nourished skin. The aloe will work as an eye serum to fade out the dark circles over time. Do not forget to moisturize again after the massage to avoid drying of skin.

Tips – Use a moisturizer with SPF in it so it can save you the extra amount spent on a separate sunscreen. If you have time, use a sandalwood mask in the evening to smoothen your skin.

Day 6 – Repeat & Reap

Ideally, it is preferred that you exfoliate twice a week to help your skin rejuvenate. Repeating this step in a seven day only regimen is to emphasize the significance it holds in getting a glowing skin. Remember though, the more water and fluids you take in, the healthier your skin would be. The hydrated body can be maintained by drinking at least seven glasses of water a day and some fresh juices too to help your skin glow.

Day 7 – The Reward

Reward your skin and in turn yourself by using the weekend to indulge in a fruit-based facial. This does not mean your slack on the CTM routine. You can buy a fruit-based facial mask or create one yourself depending on your time and budget. This will give the final glow your skin needs for the weekend party or even you have been waiting and prepping your skin for. Follow it up with your CTM routine before starting your makeup.

Following this seven day regimen at the very least once a week in the month will show you results that you would make sure you do it every week and every day. Your skin will glow with health right from the day you start. By the last day of the week, you will feel the difference yourself. Your skin will be softer, clearer and glowing like never before. It may seem like too much work, but the end results will be your motivation to continue with it. So what are you waiting for?

How to Get Glowing Skin in Seven Days