How to do a layered haircut?

Getting a haircut is a hard decision for people with long hair. You want to style it but you don’t want the length to reduce either. To strike the perfect balance between the two is not an easy job. Even professional hair stylists at times cut more or less than your requirement. That is one side of the coin. The other side has do-it-yourself haircuts. We all know they can easily go from pretty to pretty messed up. Most of us may have a horror story about nights we surfed YouTube for home haircuts and ended up with baby bangs that became a disaster. Ending up finally as an emergency case to your hair salon is what we all have done afterward.

Having said that, not all haircuts done in the four walls of your room need to be regretted. We don’t suggest or advise going from long to short length using a hand mirror. You can trim your own split ends or layer your hair without causing a chaos that needs an emergency trip to the saloon.

Layers have always been the trendiest and simplest way of enhancing your features. It can fresh up a hairstyle and brings an illusion of volume. The best part is, it is a flattering choice for any face cut. It can work equally well with straight and curly hair but well suit for straight or wavy hair because coarse or heavily curled hair can be a gamble. Nevertheless, it is the best way to go.

If you want to get a layered haircut but cannot afford a trip to the hairstylist or would just like to learn the art, there are do it yourself ways around this. Continue reading on in order to learn how to get away with this tricky task. Ahead awaits everything you must know to give yourself a chic haircut at home.

1.Prep your hair for layers.
Clean your hair and dry them because wet hair is difficult to work with. Damp your hair then with a water spray. Untangle your hair so the layers are even and neat. A wide-toothed comb is a right choice for this job

2.  Collect all your hair at the top.
Tie your hair into a ponytail but at the apex of your head which is the flat area at the back of the top of your head. Then bend forward so your head is upside down. Comb all your hair in front. Use your hands to form a ponytail in this area. Use a hair tie to fasten it. Then turn your head up. This process may be a bit tacky but make it a point that your hair should be smooth. Tangles of lumps or messy hair could cause uneven layers.

3.Take the elastic down.
Hold your ponytail with one hand and use the other hand to slide the elastic tie down until you reach a couple of inches from the end. Now comes the question that affects the height of elastic tie. If you want short layers, slide the elastic down leaving just an inch of hair remaining in the ponytail. But if you want longer layers, leave more hair, about a few inches in the ponytail.

4. Chop it off.
Hold your hair at the band to avoid getting it loose. Use sharp haircutting scissors to cut your hair above the tie. If your hair is thick, you may have a hard time cutting through it. So do it in sections. But make sure to keep the same length below the elastic. A pointer here which is necessary, that make sure the scissors do not slip or get angulated while cutting. Make sure you cut straight across your hair.

5.Have a look.
This easy to do technique will create layers framing your face with longer layers at the back. Examine your layers vigilantly. If you find them uneven or would like to adjust the length more, cut individual sections carefully. Cut hair cannot be attached back but longer hair can be cut back. So cut slowly with caution to avoid mistakes or cutting in excess.

How to do a layered haircut?