Halloween Craft Ideas: Spider on Vase

As we mentioned before that we are coming up with the series of Halloween craft ideas, so the first one is here. Spider on Vase, yes we get so many ready stuff from market related to Halloween but if we make some decoration pieces for this night it will be perfect and pocket friendly. This spider web vase is really very easy you can make it without anyone’s help. For making this you need:
Hot glue gun (compulsory for any craft)
Black Spray

Step  1:
Carefully draw a spider web on the vase with the help of marker, it is optional but this step will help you to know where the glue gun is needed to go.

Step 2:
Hot glue gun is more fluid so there is a chance to drip out its better to use low temperature glue. Trace a design of spider web with glue gun on to the vase.

Step 3:
Once you have done with tracing the vase, it’s time to paint it. Use flat black spray because glossy will not give the look of vase as creepy as we want.

Spray the whole vase completely and keep it a side in upside down position, it will keep the paint out of the inside of the vase.

Step 4:
Use the creepy cloth to fill the vase (creepy cloth is really inexpensive way to create scary or spooky mode) n then put some flowers in it. Hot glue the spider on web (outside the vase).

This is the simplest and inexpensive project which you can easily make in 10$. So it’s a pocket friendly item. Make it before the Halloween comes at door.

Halloween Craft Ideas: Spider on Vase