Having thick hair is awesome. It definitely helps you in attaining luxurious and lush façade. But it is only you, who knows how difficult is to work with full bodied hair. From washing to infinite detangling and styling much more exertion and time is needed. But the good thing is you have sufficient hair for styling. You can make many different hair styles with thick hair.

Having thick hair will definitely raise options for you in making different styles. Here are some good hairstyles for the thick hair lovers. They are so easy and we assure you these styles will make your life effortless and much easier. You can make these hair styles with several outfits for different occasions. Flaunt your hairs, play with them and enjoy yourself.

Half-Up’Do :
When you have thick hair, even to spare; this half-up style looks too good on your face at the same time highlighting its lushness. This is easy to carry and look elegant. After doing back combing make a bun on the top and loose some bangs at the front. This is the best style for heart, round and triangular faced girls.

Medium Flipped Layers:
Thick hair having medium length haircuts along with the two to three layers are now more in style than one length styles. They are easy to be styled i.e. straightening, curling or coloring. They look interesting cute and marvelous. This is suitable for every face cut.


Layered Haircut with Side-Swept Bangs:
For girls having thick hair bangs are among the great choice mainly when these bangs blend elegantly with the layers. With straight bangs you can also try side swept for a better change look.


Side Braid Wavy Hairstyle:
This one really looks cutest among all other hair styles for thick hair. You just have to take a resilient and gentle gesture done along with curling of hair. To look much classier a loose braid is addend up after curling.


Mid Length V-Cut:
This hair style is called as a v-cut because when all of the hair is kept at the back they give glance as a alphabet ‘V’. This hair style is cool and shorter cuts look longer because of v as a center. Mostly women with chubby and round faces having thick hair prefer this hair style.

 Lovely braided headband:
This is one of the coolest and fascinating hairstyle for the girls having thick hairs.  Firstly make the one side braid by taking half of the hair from front and tie the braid with band at the end. Then add up the remaining hair from the other side and after back combing make a bun and twist the braid around the bun to make your style desirable and voluminous.

Super Voluminous Waves with Ombre:
This gorgeous and cute style is for thick hair along with waves. It gives bulky and voluminous look. You just have to pin up some side locks to avoid them from falling on your face. It apparently looks like a spontaneous style.

Classic short bob cut:
This is one of the classy styles of thick hair with short length. In this style the bob is even from mid and gets slightly longer on both left and right sides. This style is suitable for girls having oval and heart shaped faces but do not look good on round and square faces.


Mermaid Waves with Waterfall Braid:
Mermaid waves along with braid are one of the simple and classy look for the girls with thick hair. This is done on the damp hair after blow drying. After settling of braid the loose curling of hair is done. Hair spray is applied for keeping curls in place for long time.



Beach Waves:
The most elegant fun is beach waves for the long thick hair. This style is adored by extensive range of girls. It gives lighter and textured appearance. After simple combing of hair, blow drying is done and then curling in different directions is done while the ends are left straight. Gel is used to keep the style in good shape. This style looks cool on all shaped faces.


Messy Side Braids:
This one sided messy braid looks ravishing and adorable. Pull your hair from the top of one side and start making french braid by adding locks. Main thing to be handle carefully is the tightness of the locks. This is simple hair style and fun to be done. Then tie the end with pony or bands. For making it more classy beads or pins are added.