Fantastic Hair Up Do in 60 Seconds

Today we bring some easiest up dos for trendy women, which are so much busy in their routine, we will not snatch so much time from your busy schedule, we just need ‘60 seconds’ of yours to give you the perfect trendy and bold women look.
Swift Side Twisted Pony Tail:
This is the perfect choice for straight and curly hair both type of hair. When you have no time, and want to get ready quickly, so try this side pony tail fun. Simply make side pony tail, then from the above side of elastic divide it in a section and pull your hair through this. Repeat this, two to three time to make a beautiful swift side twisted pony tail.

Quickly Knotted Braid:

As you know we are always on the hunt to find out some simple yet intricate hair styles, which does not need so much effort, they can easily create with the combination of different up dos. We don’t take risk usually to create the knots into the hair. But knotted styles look so classy, for your convenience, picture of forming knotted braid is here and step by step formation of braid is in the source.

Smooth Low Pony Tail:

You can give your pony tail new look with little creativity, make simple ponytail, take a strand underneath of ponytail, than wrap it around the elastic, until you get the end. This will surely a smart look with bangs on the forehead, simple yet stylish look with little variation.


Puffed Pony Tail:
Simply comb your hair, take your front hair and twist them to give puffed look, then secure them with hair pins and tie you back locks in pony tail after that take the end of puffed hair and wrap them around the pony tail like an elastic. Spray your hair lightly and get a fresh and cool look.

Coolest Low Bun:

Buns are the easiest way to style your hair, for this style you need to make low pony tail, fold it from the end to voluminous your hair, it will form the shape of bun, take a strand of hair and wrap it around this bun.

Fantastic Hair Up Do in 60 Seconds