Easy and Artistic Wood Burned Sticks Bracelet

If you have lots of popsicle sticks and you are thinking they are useless for you, so just have a look on our this post, you will find simple and easier DIY project to use them smartly. This one is the creative idea to use your wood burner.
For making these interesting bracelets you need:
Wood Sticks
Wood burner
Bottle of air freshener or body spray (any round bottle)
Rubber band (for tying)
Pencil (for making design)

First you have to make design on wooden sticks before going towards wood burner.

Take a pot of water and boil it, after that drop down the sticks and boil them about 15 to 20 minutes.

Then remove the sticks from the pot and wrap around the bottle (air freshener or body spray any round object) so you will get them in curved shape, tie them with rubber band, and leave it for whole night so it will get dry easily.

After that unwrap them you will get the perfect results!!

We hope you will like this easy tutorial we saw it on blitsy.com and find really good to share with you.

Easy and Artistic Wood Burned Sticks Bracelet