Ear Piercing Styles

Whether it’s a celebrity or a common people; ear piercing is very common now a days. Some have it on their tongue, some have it on their belly button, some like on nose. Body Piercing is not a new trend, it came from ancient ages but more than style they used it as a tradition. The most popular forms are nose and ear piercing. One can see the tremendous growth in jewelry industry where men and women adorning various kinds of ear piercings. You can see in the mentioned below list of ear piercing that gives you a totally new look and style.


Rook Piercing:


2. Helix :


Earlobe gauging:

4.Lobe piercing:

5. Tragus piercing:


6. Anti helix:


7. Industrial piercing:


8. Conch piercing:


9. Daith piercing:


10.  Anti-tragus piercing:

11. Auricle Piercing:


12. Orbital Piercing:

Ear Piercing Styles