Drinking Caramel Dessert

Have you ever tried steaming chocolate caramel drink? If not, so must try it today, it is an amazing drinking dessert. This one is a quick dessert which you can serve to your guests, this caramel dessert is slightly thick with a touch of salt, can be easily sip and its little quantity is enough for a one time diet, for not to spoil your diet.

For this yummy drinking dessert you have to take:
Brown sugar 1 cup
Cream 3 cups
Water 2 TBSP
Salt   1tsp
Vanilla extract 1tsp

Direction of Making:

Take a sauté pan, add brown sugar and water in it, boil it until the colour of sugar get changed into brown, heat it for about 5 to 7 minutes.


Now slowly whisk the cream into the melted sugar, first the sugar will boil than firm and at last it will blend with cream.


Now add salt and vanilla extract it the end and slightly stir it for few minutes. Now pour it into the espresso mugs and serve hot.

Drinking Caramel Dessert