Dresses To Wear On a Rainy Day


Tick tock tick tock. *Alarm Buzzes* Eyes open. Rolling over to the side table takes the mobile phone in hand. Dismisses the alarm. Unlocks the phone. Weather update pops up showing those little clouds raining. Life was so better a minute ago. This is basically the sneak peek into everyone’s morning life.

Most parts of the world get unexpected and routine rain showers most of the year. No matter where you live, this weather cloud and high humidity index showing on your smart phone will always give you the heebie-jeebies. Especially if you are an adult with everyday work and responsibilities. Sadly, barely rains on the weekends, the only time you want to enjoy it by sitting on the porch drink a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Nothing to save you from leaving your bed and getting ready to go by your routine in this weather. Finding your rain appropriate clothes from the wardrobe which is always a mess, is an impossible task. Dressing up for the rainy day ahead is as dreary as the sky itself. This is when you know it’s raining outside or will rain today. What about the not so funny surprises from the God?

The worse thing when it comes to rain is getting wet in rain unprepared. Trudging around in damp socks, wind-blown wet hair, and an entirely drenched outfit from head to toe is no good way to spend your day. Unpleasant as the weather surprise itself. We can’t really do much about these sudden visits by the clouds.

However, when you are aware of the forecast, you must be very well prepped for it. That includes concocting a wardrobe with ready to wear rainy day outfit in order to avoid getting late for your job or school. Everyone knows the basics, umbrellas, rain coat, and rain boots. Before you say that you have got it covered by a calling a pair of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt a good to go rain outfit, stop right there. In today’s fashion stuck world, where appearances are your impressions, your anything goes in rain mantra won’t work. Even your rain look has to be a tad more sophisticated and practical.

Easier said than done is what you might be thinking right now. I agree. The issue with rainy weather is the fact that there is no consistency in the temperature. One minute you are sweating because of the humidity and the next you are shivering because the rain made the temperature go low. Despite that, don’t let these black clouds make your dressing routine go hay wire like the way they meddle with the Earth’s thermostat. Clad in rubber hunters with the trench coat as our armor and the umbrella as the sword, we are here to save the day. On days when the weather isn’t on your side, we will make sure you look chic rather than soggy, no matter where you go.

To put an end to this madness, we have assembled complete outfits to have in your closet for when rain strikes.

Summer Rain:
Summer is the ultimate time to rock those bright colors. The rain is no reason to forget that. For a young mid-summer look, opt for shorts instead of jeans so you don’t have worry about being in dripping pants the whole day. A short t-shirt with a cardigan for when it gets shivery is a good option. Add in a bright colored scarf or stole to be the sun that the clouds cannot hide. Do not forget your rain boots and umbrella.


Umbrella Hit:
If you want to add colors and funk to your rain apparel, do not overlook an umbrella. Buy an umbrella with small colorful designs on a black base and take it when you want to wear that plain black dress of yours. You might want to add leggings underneath for leg coverage if it gets cold later on. Layer it up with a mustard jacket worn unzipped. Walk off with super trendy green rain boots.


Heavy Rain:
Everyone definitely owns a yellow poncho for when it gets rainy. Days when it’s raining cats and dogs but you still have to go out, a poncho is a perfect pick. However, as mentioned before, add colors. A Turquoise or light blue poncho looks trendy and is super waterproof. To add more style, pair it with neutral gray rain boots and a bubble umbrella with a colored border. Functional, cute and ready to go.


Trenched in Rain:
What if it rained on Valentine’s Day? Would Valentino miss the chance to meet his lover just because the weather bailed at the eleventh hour? Not really. You shouldn’t either. Red hunter boots with a classic trench rain coat and a heart shaped umbrella are your date night saver. Stylish, rainproof and follows the mandatory color code too!


Quick on Heels:
If you are fed up of those rain boots and are more of a heel wearing person, wear regular heel boots with a summer dress. Pair that with simple black tights and a black umbrella. Layer it up with a long sleeved cardigan or quarter sleeve jacket. This will add an element to your outfit and keep you dry all at the same time. Good for a rainy drinks night at the bar.


On the Run:
When the clock is ticking and you need to go out for a quick errand and still look cute all while it’s raining, this is the stop for you. A dress with stripes and a denim jacket to keep you warm paired with pink rubber boots is cute, sexy and fast. If you are a tomboy like the author, go for black motorbike boots in place of the girly pink. Oh and don’t miss out on the cloud umbrella.


Dresses To Wear On a Rainy Day