DIY Mask Inspired By Breakfast at Tiffany’s

DIY Sleep Mask

You can print its pattern and cut it. Simply trace the pattern with pen or pencil on plain fabric. The mask needs 2 pieces. Try to print same as given size, don’t let the computer re-size it.

Supplies To Make a Mask:

DIY Sleep MaskCut them well, try to cut finely after the edges.

DIY Mask Pattern
Join the two pieces with the help of adhesive, insert the gold elastic both sides of the mask, stick them with the help of adhesive then sew it on the edges it will give your mask; the finest look.

DIY Sleep Mask Cutting

You can use fringe in any shinny colour to add up more colours in your mask.

DIY Sleep Mask Eyelashes

Stick it on the eyelids of the mask with the help of adhesive.

Stick Lashes

Stick the eyelids on to the mask, give them 3-D look with bubble-up effect. You can use gold braid or lace to hide the edges, it will give a bit fancy effect to your mask.
DIY Sleep Mask 3-D eyelids

Make eyebrow with gold elastic right above the eye lids.
DIY Sleep Mask Complete Look

This mask was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we found it on trinketsinbloom, so we thought to share this sleep mask with our followers, we hope it will be a great experience.

DIY Mask Inspired By Breakfast at Tiffany’s