DIY Giant Chocolate Flower Cake

For making your spring dessert more attractive and colorful, try this giant chocolate flower cake, it will be the most delicious spring inspired cake for any occasion. Make this on Birthdays or in bridal showers to astonish your guests.

This is the fun to create blooming garden and use as a costume for your buttercream iced cake. Few simple tools which you have definitely found out at your home and some easy ingredients, for this cake craft. This is also a kind of crafting, which you can use on small cupcakes too. These buds can easily create with white chocolate or cocoa butter.

For Making this Giant Chocolate Flower Cake you need:
Butter cream iced cake.
Extra chocolate
Extra butter cream
For Making Petals you need:
Icing spatula.
Parchment Paper.
Piping bag.
Round bowls.
Scissors & tape.
Draw different triangles on parchment paper, these should be in different sizes, make them almost 2,to 4 inches long, these will help to make chocolate petals. Cut the pattern, leave space about half inch from the pattern line to cutting line. Different sizes of petals will make beautiful flower.

Use melted chocolates or melted candies.

With the help of icing spatula spread the chocolate on the pattern. Spread the chocolate on parchment paper in a messy way, there is no need to make fine lines it will give your petals natural look.

Leave the petals for a while, hold them with tape. Make 7 to 9 petals of each sizes. Make few extra petals, if any of them get damage at the time of assembling so extra petal will work.

Peel off the petals one by one after they get dry, set the bigger petals on the top of iced cake.

Use the leftover of butter cream, fill it in piping bag and use it to attach second layer of petals. Repeat the same procedure in next layer, it depends on you how much you want to see you flower fluffy and thick.


DIY Giant Chocolate Flower Cake


DIY Giant Chocolate Flower Cake