DIY Elegant Head Bands

DIY Elegant Head Bands:
It is very important to style your hair nicely. All the time you don’t need to tie them like a braid, sometimes loose pony tail looks nice, or just tie them with a head band. Head band are very elegant and sophisticated hair accessory which you can make by yourself. There are so many ideas to make head bands. Just check its tutorials which will give you so many ideas. Today we gathered some tutorials which will help you to make beautiful band not only for you but also you can gift it to your near ones.

  1. Crochet Headband:
    Multi colored yarn wool is used to make crochet headbands, if you know crochet work so you can easily make crochet head wraps, otherwise you just need to follow some tutorials. Crochet items look really elegant, you must try them as the head bands are not so large so it will take few hours to make these beautiful bands.

You can easily make crochet band with the help of its tutorial, but remember these threads are so elegant so be careful at the time of making bands.

2. Ruffled Headband:

Headbands should be comfortable, not so tight which squish the skull and not so loose, it should be decent. In market you will not find completely your desired one, so why don’t your try with your own? This tutorial must help you to make some elegant ruffled headband.


3. Headband with An Old T-Shirt:
This is the cute and inexpensive idea of this post. Now you can easily re-cycle your t-shirts which don’t want to wear now. This is really smart twisted, folded and knotted idea. You will love to try this.

  1. Fabric Headband Idea: If you are trying first time to make headbands this tutorial is work genially for you. You must follow its instruction and you will yourself the master of headbands, you just need some colourful fabric, elastics. It is better to drape it on card to get so it will be easy to cut them on fabric. Try this elegant idea.

5. Bow Tie Headband:

You just need small fabric to make a bow. Making a bow is very easy, you can see in its tutorial. These bands can match with any dress because these are not so time taking and can be made by your own. These are perfect for little girls and adults both, so make yours n your daughter’s band today.

DIY Elegant Head Bands