DIY Easy and Cheap Spray Paint Wall Art

Are you looking forward to cheap wall art? Why don’t you try to make them by yourself? Today we bring a perfect wall decorative project which is easy yet comes in budget. This unique art is made up by using spray paints. So have a look and learn to create Spray paint wall hanging.

Paper, art board or canvas anything on which you want to make your piece of art.
Flower artificial or original.
Spray colour bottles; any colour which you like.

How To Make:
Spread your board or canvas in wide area, where you can make your art work easily.

Cover your hands with rubber gloves and spread the flowers on the board.
Hold the bottom part of the flowers and spray on the board from top to bottom, spray sprightly otherwise it will not give fine look.

Be careful about flower it should not move, your hand movement should be in one direction.

After that leave it for 5 minutes than remove the flower from the board or canvas, and let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

You art work is ready now! If it is a canvas hang it directly on the wall or frame it if it is a paper board.

Here is the finish look ! We found this interesting idea from: Simply real moms

DIY Easy and Cheap Spray Paint Wall Art