DIY – Easter Nail Bunny Face

Easter is fast approaching as you will all know, you literally cannot get away from piles of easter eggs, so thought I would do a couple of easter nail art designs. My first offering is easter bunny nails, they’re cute, fairly simple to do and best of all, this design contains mini carrots

Looking for a nail art idea for Easter? Do you just like bunnies? How about Easter bunny nail art! This is a cute idea for the young or the young-at-heart and does not take too much skill in order to master.

You will need

Four or five pastel nail polishes.

Three nail pens – a white, black and pink (or failing that, a cocktail stick and the three colours of polish).

A dotting tool.

Clear topcoat.

Some Mini Eggs (to keep your energy up).

DIY - Easter Nail Bunny Face

Some of the other Easter Bunny Nail Designs are shown below

Cute Easter Nail Designs

Easter Nail Bunny Face

Easter Nail Bunny Face

Easter Pink Bunnies!

DIY - Easter Nail Bunny Face