DIY: Creative Warmer for Chilly Days

As days are growing shorter and feeling of crispiness is increasing day by day, this is the first knock of chilly days and in start it effects on hands, you need your hands to get warmer by put them inside the pocket or wrap with some hot scarf. When you go outside you need some warmers or mittens present in pocket, so today we bring the cute chilly warmer’s tutorial to keep your hand warm in these chilled days.


This project is really easy and in budget. Because you can use any scrap fabric to make it, but fabric should be insulating so it will keep the heat for long time. Use velvet, thick cotton, woollen fabric, cotton flannel or fleece or old blankets are most suitable for it. You can use natural fibre to put under it to keep them warm.

The colour and pattern choice is most important which is completely on your choice, you can give as a gift to your family member. Make different patterns so all the family members choose according to their choice.

Start making with the help of stencil, you can make stencil by your own self in different shape, trace it on the fabric and cut it. Remember fabric should be folded, so It will cut into two.

Now you will have the small pieces of fabric. Try to make them in different sizes, you can make multiple warmers at the same time.To get the finnier shape, try to cut your desired shape on plastic stencil sheets n cut them with paper cutter, then cut the fabric with the help of it.

After cutting the pieces perfectly, place their right side over one another and sew it with straight stitch or zigzag stitch. If you don’t want to visible the stitch use same thread, or if you like visible stitch use contrast thread.

You have to leave the gape while stitching, now with the help of needle bring the back side out so that you can see the warmer fabric now. Now fill the bag with barley or rice , then close the fabric completely.

In the end, when you completely off the edges, you can take blanket stitch to give it nice look. Then put them in microwave for 1 minute or on wood stove so that it will get warmer. Now you can put it into your pocket or mittens or place then under the boots to get warm feeling in chilly days. We really loved this idea when we saw It on In habitat, so we suddenly thought to share with our readers.

DIY: Creative Warmer for Chilly Days