Disney Inspired Hairstyles For Girls 2016

Most of us have spent our childhood watching Disney, and we adapt their looks in imagination. Most of us inspired by their classy outfits and elaborated hair up dos. Most of the girls spent their teen age with an impression of Disney character whether it is Aladdin’s jasmine or Froze n’s Elsa or other Disney princess. So today we thought to bring you back in your teen time when you love to copy those characters, so why don’t you try again by making Disney inspired hair up do.
Make Jasmine’s Ponytail:
This is an easy hair style with fish tail braid. Make side ponytail, start making fish tail braid in it, after every 2 centimetre distance tie it then again make the braid this will look more sophisticated in longer locks.

Elsa’s French Braid:
Princess Elsa was the another Disney character which inspired most of the girls. Her elegant pale French braid and its pouf bring the beauty of her character. Elsa was not only loved in the story but her outfits and hair styles got more popular.


Try Tiana’s Bob:
Another famous look was Tiana’s faux bob. This bob look is very easy, need a curling iron to curl your hair except the part which is on nape, then tie your curls for about 15 minutes and leave it for long to cool them, When you have done with your curls roll under your hair and adjust them as short as you want with the help of bob pins.

Anna’s Braided Look:
Anna’s braided look is bit tricky but not so difficult, take two strands from front and make braid of them give them cross look and connect with main braid, it will be fun making this Anna’s braided look.

Rapunzel’s Long Mermaid Braid:
We all know how long was the Rapunzel’s braid, you can get it by using hair extensions, but it will look more elegant in your own locks. Divide your hair in half, make a bun on upper side and braid on lower side. Now take upper side strands and loose them for dividing in half and then make braid of each. In the end braid all three together.

Disney Inspired Hairstyles For Girls 2016