Common Boys Fashion Mistakes

Guys, please invest in a full length and good mirror. Because you can beware of fashion mistakes. You may think that any style suits you, but it is a fact that people start gossips regarding your style silently. Adopting any suitable style is acceptable, but still must suit your personality as it portrays you. If you are confused about it, do not worry about it.

We are presenting the most common fashion mistakes that can be avoided.

Dress Shoes and White Socks

It has been the common fashion mistake boys ever make. There is no combination of white shoes with white socks. Black, dark gray, and any patterned socks are suitable, but the white are seriously not.

White Socks with Dress Shoes

White Socks with Dress Shoes- Source


Sunglasses and Caps Indoors

It is very surprising to see people wearing caps and sunglasses indoors. The only exception is the doctor’s recommendation for eye treatment. Similarly, wearing caps is awkward indoor because there is no indoor sunshine.

Caps and Sunglasses Indoors

Caps and Sunglasses Indoors- Source

Formal Suiting and Backpacks

Formal suiting has its own significance and it gives you a professional look. Do not use backpacks with formal suiting. You are going for a work, not for any marathon. So, turned your bulky bag into a slim briefcase because it will look more appropriate.

Backpacks to the Office

Backpacks to the Office- Source

Deep V Neck T-Shirts

Such kind of garment looks good on females, but the style of males is different. V neck shirts are suitable for boys, so beware of wearing it in public places.

The Deep V

The Deep V – Source

Upturned Collars

Say no to upturned collars, unless you are Dracula. Popping your shirt collar is ridiculous because it is not a suitable style for any occasion. Avoid this style in public places.

Upturned Collars

Upturned Collars – Source


Crocus are personal wearing accessory, not in public places. It is just like a shivering when people wear green Crocus in Public. As far as our opinion is concerned, shoes are not designed to have a hole in them. You can wear Crocs on beach or pool.


Crocs – Source

Common Boys Fashion Mistakes