Comfortable Winter Outfits for Men


Gone are the days when you were swathed in heavy clothes during winter and it didn’t matter how awkward you look. You aren’t a kid anymore. Now you need to start being classy. Fortunately for you, there are multiple ways to achieve that sense of style and remain comfortable during the cold season. Below are some of the outfits you HAVE to try during this winter.


  1. Outer Garments:
    So we will start from the outer layers and then proceed onwards. Deciding what to select for the outer garment is variable for everyone.  It really depends on what weather conditions do you have. If you are trying for a casual look, (and the weather is not too cold), coats are always there for you. You can also try parkas, which always look cool. You can round it off with a scarf for extra points in style.

  1. Focusing on the Middle layers:
    What comes to mind when deciding the middle layer of your apparel? Most probably sweatshirts if you are going for a casual look. Or knitted jumpers for a smart look. How about if you try something new like a crew neck sweatshirt over your normal one? You can also wear cashmere which, believe me, would look freaking awesome.

  1. Accessories:
    Like we said, gone are the days when you were a young innocent child. So whatever qualms you had for scarves, beanies and the like, throw them out of the window. Go for a high quality material and stylish colors if you really want to pull of the look. Throw in a sturdy tote bag if you are working in an office or an overnight stay.

  1. Boots:
    One of the advantages of winter for fashion freaks is that you can explore the footwear. You need a firm grip on the wet, slippery pavement and you also want to keep your ankles and feet warm. For this, army boots should work just fine as they have unusually thick soles.

  1. Sunglasses in style:
    If anyone tells you that sunglasses are only meant for summers, just ignore them. Sunglasses look great on a chilly day too. Plus, the bright winter days can also be quite uncomfortable for your eyes too, particularly after it has been snowing. Not only these shades protect you, they basically radiate style and class, with a hint of mystery to make your overall appearance quite charming. However, avoid bright colored frames or you will definitely look way too awkward.

  1. Bring back the Staples:
    There is a high chance you have heard of the word Normcore, but if you haven’t, it is basically a fashion trend throughout the globe on wearing normal, unpretentious and unfashionable clothing. By this, it means sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, jeans and other casual wear. Before you disregard this, trust me, they do work often with your look.  However it is better to use a few casual items and rounding them off with the more refined, formal wear.

  1. Velvet Dinner Jackets:
    Everything that we have just told was mostly about casual wear. But what about when you want to attend parties, events or dinners? For these special occasions, velvet dinner jackets are, hands down, the best option. Comfortable, formal, and highly elegant, dinner jackets seem to have it all.

  1. Double Breasted Blazer:
    A normal blazer is good but let’s be real. A double-breasted blazer is a must for every guy out there. Not only does the double-breasted blazer look extra cool but the way it wraps around your body will warm you up in no time. And it is an amazing formal apparel so how about that?

Comfortable Winter Outfits for Men