Best 5 Cakes to Prepare on Halloween

Maybe this is taking a stab in the dark, but I bet your dying to try a slice of this cake! This Bloody Halloween cake is a delicious red velvet four layer cake with cream cheese filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting, and covered with a red ganache. The blood-like red ganache, looks so spooky, perfect for a Halloween Cake!To make this bloody Halloween cake, first bake and cool your cake with two 8 inch cake pans. Split each cake, and fill with cream cheese frosting. Let cake sit in refrigerator for 2 hours to let the frosting set…this will help make sure you don’t have bulges outside of your cake when you frost it. Next apply a crumb coat all over the cake. Red Velvet cake makes a lot of crumbs! Let it sit in refrigerator until frosting has set, about 20 minutes. Next frost your cake with the buttercream frosting. Now comes the fun part!

Ghost Cake

Ghost Cake – Source

Fleischmann's yeast

Fleischer’s Yeast – Source

The fence and path dec down the bottom

The fence and Path Dec Down the Bottom – Source

Cute Halloween Cake

Cute Halloween Cake – Source

Creepy critter cheesecake

Creepy critter cheesecake – Source

Best 5 Cakes to Prepare on Halloween