9 Unique Ideas to Save Space At Home

It is always a good to idea to save space. No one likes a cluttered, messy home where your stuff is just piled everywhere because you don’t have a proper storage space. Now, we can either buy more and more cabinets and whatnot, but below are some nifty and innovative ideas to increase your storage capacity and look cool too.

1. Under stairs Storage:
The concept of under stairs storage is elegantly simple. Normal stairs usually have empty space under them. Why not utilize that? You can install shelves under them to store your books which would look very neat indeed as shown on the picture on the right. Or you can install cabinets (shown on the left picture) to store your accessories or toiletries or whatever you want. This will not only reduce your extra expenditure on storage cabinets but will also be an easy, convenient way to manage your stuff. Plus it looks cool too so there is a bonus point for that too.

2. Dining Chairs and Table:
Here is another useful idea to save a great deal of space. Dining tables and chairs occupy a lot of space especially the wooden chairs which are often a bit bothersome to set up one by one. These miniature sofas will easily fit into a central table. Also they are highly portable, the sofas have wheels on them and the table would be very light. Hence you can move the whole set into any room you want according to your needs.

3. Ironing Board mirror:
This 2 in 1 ironing board and mirror is a great idea to quickly get your work done. A rotating ironing board which contains a mirror on the opposite side, this will help you in ironing your clothes and checking out how you smart you look then and there. A simple and applicable design which will definitely be appreciated by everyone in your home.

4. Chairs and Tables:
This is one of my favorite concepts for saving space. The chairs and tables will fit along the gaps between the compartments in the shelves hence saving a lot of space. This is a brilliant concept, particularly useful when you have too many friends coming to your house and not enough chairs. Since the tables and chairs have to fit in narrow spaces, they will obviously be very light so no worrying on carrying too much weight.


5. Fold Out Pantries:
The name itself tells you what they are. Pantries store food. But when you are unable to store pantries themselves, then these come in handy. Fold out Pantries will “fold” themselves inside a wall and vanish as if they were never there.

6. Built-In Dresser:
Why would you even need to buy drawers and cupboards when you have these built-in ones? Built-in furniture should be in every home in our opinion. It is a great way to save space.

7. Chairs within chairs:
The concept of chairs within chairs is as simple as it’s brilliant. Who needs all the extra wooden stuff when you are only going to sit on the surface? So someone decided to make some changes in designing to give us this idea. Kudos to him. I am definitely going to buy this one day.

8. Stacked chairs and tables:
So we had chairs and tables that fit perfectly into each other, we had chairs and tables that fit perfectly into shelves. Now we have chairs and tables that stack perfectly on to each other. The picture on the right shows how they look stacked up on each other (pretty cool right?) while the one on the left shows how they look apart. Talk about reverse engineering a rocket.


9. Dining and pool table:
This is particularly for those who love pool games. A dining table above a pool table. With the simple addition of a wooden table top, you can easily play with our friends some pool games and when you are hungry enough, you can eat your lunch without having to go anywhere. Joey and Chandler from FRIENDS had a similar concept for the foosball table and although it was a bit less elegant, the foosball table was also used a dining table.



9 Unique Ideas to Save Space At Home