9 Ideal Breakfast Ideas for Winter Mornings

When it’s freezing outside, the toughest part is getting out of a warm bed. This is true especially during those winter months when it’s still dark out when we have to wake up for work. In such situations, we are more and less inclined towards making a real breakfast but not eating breakfast can cause increase in low energy levels and obesity so having breakfast in morning is must.

Our solution to your morning misery is 9 ideal easy and warm breakfast ideas for a nourishing, hot breakfast that will help you influence through your morning.

  1. Porridge:
    One of the healthiest ways to start your day is with having Porridge, it’s simple and easy to make in just minutes. As porridge digests slowly it discharges energy steadily into the bloodstream that helps to keep one full for longer.
    You can have porridge with cold milk, good dose of cream, sprinkle of brown sugar, honey or add a few berries or some kind of dried fruits. Other added extras include a sprinkling of cinnamon, banana, yoghurt, toasted nuts, black treacle, fruits and chocolate syrup. In order to keep out of the cold, some prefer to add a dart of whisky to porridge on freezing mornings.
  1. Breakfast Smoothies:
    People think that refreshingly cold smoothies not have the same demand during wintry season. Well you can give your smoothies a winter renovation by serving them hot. Oats and Chocolate Hot, Wintry Warm Banana, Warm Ginger Pear, are some of ice-free warm smoothies that can warm you up in a chilly morning.

  1. Matted Eggs:
    If you are looking for something easy to make, how amazing it is when a few appetizing ingredients can do when it comes to getting out of a breakfast pothole. Greek yogurt or butter or cream, garlic and some greens together can give matted eggs a tasty and healthier renovation. For spicing one can add some garlic and red pepper flakes.

  1. Healthy French toasts:
    This is the perfect winter morning dish. You can have healthy French toasts, featuring slices of whole grain bread stuffed with any winter fruit you like, like banana along with almond butter.
    Use milk, vanilla, sugar, eggs and cinnamon mixture and evenly pour the mixture into the bread slices and bake them for few minutes until the bread is nicely squishy.

  1. Protein Pancakes:
    Bursting into winters, the Protein Pancakes in mornings are comforting, cozy & healthy. A seasonal protein breakfast that’s easy to make, low calorie yet delicious.
    Pan cakes fully packed with proteins, this breakfast option looks like a treat but is also a healthy one.


  1. Beating coldness with Omelet:
    All time favorite food item omelet, whose madness gets increased in winter. Everyone starts including it in breakfast or supper in order to get comfortable from the coldness of winter.
    You can have omelets like Masala Omelet, Cinnamon Omelet, and Butternut Squash Omelet.

  1. Delicious Waffles:
    Welcome winters with delightfully delicious waffles.
    Pumpkin waffles, Gingerbread waffles, Banana bread waffles, Yogurt waffles are perfect for cool autumn or winter morning.

  1. Strawberry Hot Chocolate:
    Hot chocolate is one of the yummiest drinks to warm; on a cold day especially you can have it as a refreshing morning breakfast drink. One can have hot strawberry instead if not like chocolates.
    Serve it hot with marshmallows or whipped cream, top with red sugar or chocolate chips.

  1. Rice Pudding/ Arroz Con Leche:
    Its simple dish cooked using white rice with milk and sugar. In winter months as a breakfast you can serve it with sugar, cinnamon, milk or fruit juice sauce.

9 Ideal Breakfast Ideas for Winter Mornings