9 Amazing Hair Color Trends For 2016

Are you thinking about to change your hair color this year? We have got you secured.

In terms of hair shades 2015 served as a mesmerizing year, to such an extent that trims, styles and colors have advanced into hair art. There were a lot of hair trends that defines 2015. We had saw a variety of hair colors that took our breath away that is from opals to frigid blondes and everything in the middle, rainbow hair.

However, for 2016, it’s about going back to the basics. It’s a year where natural colors will sparkle over the ombré and plunge trends that we were obsessed with before.

So here you can have 2016 hair coloring trends you have to think about:

  1. Creamy Yellow:
    You can easily copy this trend, If you having some shade of blonde in your hairs. This hair color may be sound scary to you but it’s actually not. As you can see here on Kate Upton, it’s looking quite beautiful; the hair color is pale kind of golden yellow.

  1. Bronde:
    It’s a soft combination of blonde and brunette that’s easy to maintain and seems fascinating almost on everyone. Bronde was famous in summer, and this trend is going to be famous in fall as well. This bronde trend first started with Blake Happy and Cara Delevinge.

  1. Strawberry Blonde:
     It’s a famous trendy warm reddish blonde that can be pretty fancy in some of its variations. This hair color is appreciated by most of the redheads and blondes who have tried it.
    Strawberry tone is suitable for ladies with fair warm toned skin.Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone have tried strawberry blonde hair trend.

  1. Chocolate Brown:
    This color can enhance your hairstyle needs. If you desire a layered hair style like shag hair style or choppy bob haircut while enjoying with the rich brown color you can do that by adding frosted tips in order to show off your style.
    Selena Gomez wears medium chocolate brown hair all the time. This trend looks lovely. And if you want to try something modest, then you should go with this trend of medium chocolate brown.

  1. Buttery Blonde:
    This color seems quite similar to honey blonde shade. Ladies with curly hairs, pearly complexions that are light to medium in there tone can go with this type of shades. It looks eye-catching with any eye color. On a recent beach vacation, Britney Spears sported this shade beautifully.

  1. Caramel Blonde:
    This hair color is kind of dark flickering blonde or light golden brown color that looks lovely on any type of complexion, but looks more natural with medium to dark skin tones. In order to keep this hair color natural start with a foot of dark golden blonde tones and ends with pale highlights around the face. Reese Witherspoon carried this color well.

  1. Silver Blonde:
    This ashy shade hair color shifts blonde hair into sterling color. It goes best with lighter complexions, light eye colors like blue and green; this shade is a marvelous option for naturally graying hairs. In order to avoid looking washed out people with darker complexions or eye colors can add some warm honey tones into their hairs.

  1. Champagne-y Red:
    If you having a darker blonde, with no fear of making changes and want to experience that how you can look sexy like Jessica Chastain, you should go for a champagne-y red shade. You can easily shift to this shade from previous hair color without having a feel that you have done something insane.

  1. Mermaid Blue:
    Right now this multicolored look is everywhere. It’s the combination of aqua, turquoise, cobalt and navy. It goes with any skin tone.

9 Amazing Hair Color Trends For 2016