8 Tips To Grow Hair Faster

Who doesn’t like healthy long hair? For some lucky people, long hair is in their genes. It just happens to them making the other jealous. Because unlike them, for normal and not so lucky people, growing long hair requires patience and a proper hair care routine. There is no shortcut to get those celebrity mermaid lengths overnight. Unless you count hair extensions. Naturally, there is no single magic trick to grow your hair super long in less time. Generally, hair grows only about half an inch each month. There are many factors that pave the way and so we asked the experts. These professional tips will take you in the right direction. So read on.

  1. Regular Trim Sessions
    The irony is not lost on us either, scissors are indeed your friend. Split ends lead to hair fall due to the breaking of hair strands. To avoid split ends, regular trims cannot be emphasized enough. If the split ends work up their way to your roots, you will need to get more hair chopped off. So it’s better to get an eighth of an inch trimmed every three to four months.

  1. Avoid Heat & Bleach
    Never over style your hair. If you really must, use a heat protector or lower the temperature or else your hair will get damaged leading to breakage. Same goes for dying your hair lighter. Bleaching damages the cuticle of your hair causing more split ends and more hair fall. If you have already gotten it done, avoid putting it all in a hair tie because it will give your hair the chemical cut. The lesser the heat and chemicals, the better your hair will grow.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Scalp
    Your scalp is the soil of your hair which you can think of as the tree. The tree won’t grow tall and solid if the soil and roots are undernourished. Clean it properly with healthy ingredients to get strong and long hair. Do not sleep without brushing your hair. Giving them a quick few strokes will distribute the hair’s natural oil keeping them naturally moisturized. It will also increase circulation keeping your scalp healthy.

  1. Get Your Vitamins
    For a healthy scalp and healthy hair, a healthy you is a necessity. This is because your hair also feeds from the inside. Take more proteins in the form of fish and beans. It stops hair fall like a miracle. Furthermore, eat more vitamin-rich food or take supplements. Vitamins like biotin, vitamin C, and B are good not just for your hair but also for your skin too.

  1. Less Shampoo & More Conditioner
    The sole purpose of shampoo is to clean the dirt and product buildup. However, doing it on a daily basis can take away the essential natural oils that must seep to repair. Thrice or four times is the limit once a week. Instead focus more on conditioning. It helps to replace lipids and protein that your hair has lost due to coloring and heat styling. It also seals the cuticle to avoid more damage.

  1. Go Cold & Less Tight At The End of a Shower
    We may love the hot steam shower but it’s not good for our skin or our hair. When cleaning your hair, use cool water to seal the cuticle to prevent loss of moisture so your hair remains strong during those hair styling storms. In addition to that, never ever wrap your wet hair in a massive towel bun. The hair breakage it causes is beyond your imagination.

  1. Carefully Brush Wet Hair
    Wet hair is more prone to breakage. It’s preferred to let it dry first before you untangle. However, if you absolutely must get some knots out after a shower, start from the bottom. Normally people go down from the scalp but that just combines all small tangles into one large knot. That will cause more hair loss. Avoid at all cost.

  1. Silk for Cotton to Sleep
    Working on longer and healthier hair is not just for when you are awake. Also for when you sleep. You may ask how? Cotton pillowcases cause friction leading to more tangles and hair fall. Switch your pillowcase to an easier fabric like silk or linen. And sleep like Rapunzel.

8 Tips To Grow Hair Faster