8 Easy Make-up Steps To Get Perfect Look

Applying make-up is an art , and to maintain skin’s glow is very important, otherwise the blemishes will abolish the beauty of your face, to maintain your facial skin’s glow the cosmetics which you are using, plays an important role also the style of your make-up. Today we are sharing with some steps which will maintain your beauty and give you enchanted look.

Step 1: Clean Your Skin:
Before starting any make-up, you clean your skin with virtuous cleanser with clear your skin deeply. This is important to clean the dead skin or oil so that your make-up will give you good results.


Step 2: Apply Moisturizer:

After cleansing it is important to moisturize your skin, it helps you to retain soft and smooth skin. Before buying any moisturizer you should know your skin type so it will work more effectively. For example dry skin wants thicker cream, oily wants watery lotion and normal wants some which hydrates the skin.

Step 3: Use Primer:

Primers are available in different colours in the market, you should know about your skin type, if it looks pale with regular primer try to use the lovely shades of peach and pink.

Step 4: Apply The Best Foundation:

Apply the foundation gently with brush or you can you use your fingers to apply it. The foundation takes few minutes to settle with the skin, it gives glow in skin. Before applying foundation you should wash your hand if you are using fingers to apply it. It is used to even the skin tone so be careful about your jawlines and eye area which gets dark some times.

Step 5: Applying Concealer:

Concealer should be close to the colour of your skin otherwise darker or lighter tone will not give the best results. Apply the concealer in triangle shape under dark eye circles, tap them with your fingers and blend it generously with the inner corner or eyes.

Step 6: Apply Blush On Your Face:

This is important part of make-up, bring them according to your skin type otherwise they can made you clown in the end of make-up. Use dabbing brush to apply it in correct direction. Apply it on forehead, nose and cheeks.

Step 7: Eye Make-Up:

First apply eyeshade primer to last it for several hours. Use natural natural shades on your eyes it will look more beautiful. Then apply eye liner, you can try different styles for eye liner, thick or thin it depends on your eye size. You can do some experiments with this. Then use water proof mascara, to avoid clumps you should apply two to three coats of it.

Step 8: Lip Stick Or Lip Gloss:

First moisturize your lips, you can use chap stick for it, then use lip primer to fill the crumples then use lip liner and make fine line, then apply lip stick or gloss, to finish your look.

8 Easy Make-up Steps To Get Perfect Look