8 Different Ways to Carry Sundresses; Flawless For Every Event


The balmy, pleasant spring air anywhere in the world may come in different months but can mean only one thing: it’s officially the sundress season. We don’t know why calendars don’t print this news, but it’s time to break out the sundresses. They have had their share time of hanging in the back of the closets or being nicely tucked away in storage cartons under the beds for months. It is time to wake them up from their hibernation and take them out for a summery ride to get them their due fresh air.

A floral sundress for a midsummer night’s dream or the reality is so mundane now. A mainstream, basic mango choice which everyone makes every summer. Don’t worry, we too have been wearing some of our top favorite summer styles every year on repeat like a love song. But as trends come and go like the glorious spring, everyone needs to learn to refresh their typical designs. Isn’t that what stylists do too?

We know, we know that the appeal of a one-step outfit is alluring especially for all the lazy souls out there. However putting a little more effort into your summer styles can give your sundress that oomph factor to amplify your style. Therefore, before you ditch your jeans and long-sleeve tops, pick up some styles to carry your sundress flawlessly for any event.

Summer mornings when you are late and everything is a mess, the day does everything to make it worse. In a situation like that, all you want is a breakfast bar on the go and a sundress. The whole idea of just getting into a single frock and undies so you are out and about is a bliss in summer. There is no time to accessories because reaching on time is the only mission of such mornings.

But what about days when you wake up with oh-so good hair, you beat your alarm clock and so have extra time for your favorite breakfast and extra minutes for your imagination to go wild? Days like these, that simple one piece sundress may feel a little less complete. On body, you feel like something is missing, you check yourself in the mirror but you are still at loss. You check if you forgot wearing undies, just to be extra sure. So then what?

So let’s assume you are having one of those moments. A girl standing in her towel before her closet, asking for love from a dress that once made her life so easy and lazy. Don’t just keep standing there, dress up your damn dress! There are many ways to make your old mundane breezy number look brand new this summer. From layering it with jackets and tees to pairing it with jeans, you are going to be shocked as to what we have for you in our magic closet of new trends. Once you see them all, you will never look at your sundresses the same way ever. Scroll down to get inspired and view your sundress in a whole different light.

  1. A killer blazer:
    For summer nights that are a tad cold, and you want to rock your sundress to a drinks night, add in a super cool blazer. Bonus points if your blazer has an atypical cut. However do not go overboard with floral prints or abstract. Keep that for your sundress only. Pair it with a monochrome blazer or textured jacket for a chic look.

  1. Off on your sneakers:
    Gone are those days when flip-flops were the only options for summer footwear. Now there really aren’t any rules when it comes to pairing footwear to anything. Going for a hiking trip or even a beach party, wear your favorite sneakers below your sundress to add that extra oomph factor. Remember, keep it simple with monochrome colors.

  1. Go full length:
    Use your sundress with extra lengths like a maxi or a dress. Wear it to a summer night bowl or an evening garden party. A halter neckline or net sleeves will do the trick. Add in long boots or see through leggings for a party look.

  1. Necklines
    Opt for various styles in a sundress. Interchange them regularly for a new look every time. Off the shoulder, crop top, asymmetric, illusion or a halter strap are few of the many styles available. Wear them out on a girl’s night out or on a date to add that extra hot tinge to the flavor of the night.

  1. A slouchy sweater
    For a casual “I just woke up like this” look, wear a contrasting color slouchy sweater on your sundress. Perfect for a windy Sunday summer brunch with friends or family. It gives a very cozy and nonchalant look. Keep your hair open and let them fly.

  1. Date night:
    You probably think that a sundress is the sweetest and most innocent piece of dress in your closet. It is like Mother in the fashion world. But you are so wrong. Opt for a mini sundress and heart-shaped neckline or a halter for a date night to get things working for you. Accessorize with the right pendant and earrings to add that spice to your night.

  1. An unconventional fabric:
    Who says sundresses can only be linen or soft fabric? Go for an unconventional fabric. Be a trendsetter from the 90’s and get a denim sundress. It will give an overall look but a more stylish take. Wear it to a summer festival or even at college for a picnic. It will definitely make you stand out despite it being only a sundress.

  1. Cute classy cardigan:
    Summers are the time for internships or jobs. No one expects you to wear a formal dress in that heat. However baring your skin in an office environment, can be donned as highly inappropriate. Even if your office is easy going, it is always important to look professional. So for that, add in a cute cardigan that hugs your shoulder just the right way. Don’t forget, less is more.

8 Different Ways to Carry Sundresses; Flawless For Every Event