73 Hottest Trends for Box Braid Styles

Hair Styling is difficult task even more difficult if you have long hair, give them exquisite look with simple and amazing box braids.
Braided styles give versatile look to your hair, you can style hair in many ways with these braids and they are helpful to maintain the beauty of your natural hair as well as do not need high maintenance. Don’t be hesitate to give your hair new look, try new styles it gives different look and changeability of looks will leave better impact on your moods.
Style No. 1:
It is the simplest and the classic way for making box braid. Twirl your hair in unique way with top knot and make according to your desire. You have to make thick braid for this colossal top knot. It will slightly look like messy hair but easy to carry in routine life.

Style No. 2:
For this second box braid style you need to make abrasive fish tail or French braid which will cover the side of forehead, you have section the braids into half up and down ponytail and tie it with band, then wrap your right or left side of forehead.

Style No. 3:
Same like above style you need to make abrasive chunky braid to cover forehead. The difference is you can combine fish tail braid and French braid together means unite the different braids, but remember for this style you have to make smaller braids. When you merge them they will give heavy gaze on your forehead.

Style No. 4:
Divide your hair into half, then make a ponytail of upper side slightly up, let  off the few fringe freely for the side bangs. Now make top knot by wrapping the ponytail round on the base and clip them with bob pins so give fine look. Now twist the fringe which you let off for bangs.
Style No. 5:
You can make this stunning style with Dutch braid, this is the kind of French braid, it’s not difficult just reverse the French braid and you’ll get Dutch braid. Make it this style with half up and half down section of hair, with the help of Dutch braid then leave the other braids freely which left.
Style No. 6:
The box braid styles come from 90’s era, it is getting popular day by day due to less maintenance needed in it.  This style needs long lumpy braids so that you can make its bun easily. This will be the evocative look you are searching for. Simply make the thinner braids and sum up in the crooked bun.

Style No.7:
If you want to get chic look with braid styles, you can make high pony tails. High pony tails are always remain in fashion, if you accessorize them with striking colour pins and clips to give your braided pony tail fine and finish look it will look trendier.

Style No. 8:
The next is bob style box braid. Yes the bob cut is really inn these days in fashion streets. It will not take your time as much as your long hair braids take. You can easily install the box braid in your bob cut hair. These are easier and really lighter to carry on your head. This is the most demanding trend will never go out easily.

Style No. 9:
Shaved head style is always consider as bold look, you will surely surprise shaved head in box braid? But this style does not want completely shaved head make box braid bun on top of the head and shaved the sided slightly. This incredible unusual look can be easily adopt in hot weather. Colour your hair with light brown to give them more enchanting look.

Style No. 10:
The next style is romantic fancy half up-do, you can easily make this breathe taking girly look with thinner braids. Thinner braids are easy to style, just make the braids of whole hair and then style them according to your wish, they can be easily mould in any style pattern.

Style No. 11:
Thin braids can be styled easily, simply divide your box braids in two parts and style them as thick braid which will rim your face side. This will give smart loom and will never take your lots of time if you have already done with thin braids.

Style No. 12:
Have your tried red box braid ever? Don’t hesitate to colour your hair cluster in red. Proper styling and care will remain them beautiful and they will be notice in any crowd. Simply you have to colour your cluster and make their bun, they will be extraordinarily noticed in any gathering.

Style No. 13:
Once you get habitual of box braid trend you can get so many new ideas to style them, this one is another simple style, bring your box braids into your one shoulder, but not leave them freely, otherwise you will face tangled braids, just twist them nicely and secure their ends with colourful clip or band and leave it on one shoulder, it will look immaculate and trendy.

Style No. 14:
You can bring lots of variations in your box braids, also accessorize them, this style number 14 is half up style, adding bandana with it will give it street style. This will recall you the 1980’s era of fashion industry, bandana was really common in old times. Simply make a bun of your half box braids, tie on top of the head and fix it with bandana.

Style No. 15:
Box braids have lots of variations , you can gather your box braids and make their French braid and it will look like Mohawk. This braided look is perfect to apply on normal days, just make this Mohawk beside the neck and leave other strands freely.

Style No. 16:
Box braid buns look amazingly beautiful. It will give the crown look on your help, it can be made easily with the help of high pony tail. I prefer pony tails to make bun because they seizure every single hair and easily to wrap like a bun.

Style No. 17:
Our next style is fashion statement and the trend followers love to follow it and that look is ‘spiral bun’. This look is really astonishing and bold with thicker hair extensions. You need thick box braids wrap in the shape of spiral on the front of your head, this is the bold look for bold girls.
Style No. 18:
Top braid with box braid is an incredible idea which can be easily made in wedding or any other formal occasion, it will look classy and seems quite difficult but it is not in real. You just need to section your box braid and make their braid from top it will cover the head like cap, then leave other strands freely long braids will look elegant to leave free.

Style No. 19:
If you want to style your box braid in a voguish way so try lopsided fish tail braid, lopsided style are always exaggerated hair gaze. Slightly loose fish tail braid will look fancier and bring more charm to your personality.

Style No. 20:
Try something new with these box braids for getting unusual and eccentric look. You can bring variation in half up do. You need to separate the hair in two part on the front top of head, make half up do style on the rest to give them bulky look. Now make spiral of the separated hair which you left on top, this will transform hair like horn, this look is look little weird but if you want unusual style so it’s perfect.

Style No. 21:
Another to enhance your box braid style is to make head band with your small strands of box braid. This is really eye-catching, an incredible style which you can make within a minute and embellish it with small beads or pins, this style exposes your round face slightly slim.

Style No. 22:
You can make boho inspired hair style, you just need to gather box braid in half up pony tail style to make the braid, this simple look is not so much time taking just need your perfection in braid making, add some elaboration to get nifty look.

Style No. 23:
The back of the neck low buns are quite simple and elegant to wear for any formal event or in any casual party too. You can easily tie your box braid in low bun as it does not require any technique, so you can make it within a minute. This style is good for moderate personalities. You will look pretty and graceful too.

Style No. 24:
You have heard about pompadour cut in men hair style. Yes the pompadour style is also wearable for women, you can create the pompadour with your box braid to give height and volume to you hair. This style is really seems unusual, so it’s recommended for those who loves to adopt the new ideas.

Style No. 25:
Have you seen the colourful braid yet? Highlighted braids look so amazing, the glance of these accented braids are beautiful when they accessorized by twisted chains. Make simple side ponytail and add colourful beads or chains in length they enhance the beauty of box braid.

Style No. 26:
Another style is to make creative tucking up do, it is bit tricky. May be it will take time to set in your hand, but when you make it perfectly you will love to do it frequently. This twisted tucking style has an immense fun itself.
Style No.27:
Another perfect style for up do is to make smaller buns. For making them you need to transfer your hair into two section and shape them in a bun, you can make 2 or 3 smaller buns, depends on the volume of your box braid, it will look bulky and provide you the chance to display your hair accessory.

Style No. 28:
Once you start with box braids you will get the fun, because it has lot of variations which are easy and bear a resemblance to other, this style is again very simple just make a fish tail braid and wrap it lopsided on your head. You can’t imagine how this asymmetrical look will rock.

Style No. 29:
Style is unlimited, you can try some new colors if you are bored from old ones. Encourage yourself to try hair color, like red, purple or pastel shades. They will satisfy your inner urge of being stylish. Try those shades which look impeccable with your skin tone.

Style No. 30:
Entangle your box braid with stylish head wrap. This is one of the quickest style ever. If you are good to tie bow or making flower with head wrap so you can make it more eye catching. Cover your half head with colour full silk head wrap make a flower of it and leave other strands freely. It’s a cute girlish look.
Style No. 31:
Another style which you can adopt easily is braid in twist, yes you can twist the box braid to give them bulky look.  Twisted style is admirable and recommended for thin braids so your thin braids will not scatter around. Just side part your hair and give them twist and take elegant look.

Style No. 32:
When you start braiding perfectly you will start enjoying new looks, if you know perfectly how to make fish tail so you can create new style, using some face farmings in it, because face framing are really good to change your face look, it will be frisky and entertaining for you.

Style No. 33:
If you are bored with high bun or center buns, it’s time to try something new. Yes it is high sided bun. You will think it looks rare or awkward but it’s not true. It will give you the chic look. This unusual style will give you classy loom which is not common in street style, so try to become trend changer.

Style No. 34:
Mostly girls love to leave their strands freely, so down dos are really common and girlish look. To style your box braids you can make side braid and leave the other side freely or give them slight twist and give them a little imperfect look. This carefree style is the most common in street fashion.

Style No. 35:
You will feel yourself queen when you make this beautiful ‘crown braid’. This can be made easily with the combination of small and medium braids. You can get this stunning look by dividing your hair into three parts and wrap them like a crown. This will be the simply amazing and incredible look ever.

Style No. 36:
Side parted look is also amazing in women, try this gorgeous look with your box braids, side part your hair and make the braid along with your face line this up do will make a crescent look in the end. Crescent up do will really look adorable in any occasion.

Style No. 37:
French roll with box braid is an amazing look. This is not an exceptional style which anybody feel hesitate to adopt. French rolls will give bulky look to your hair and look incredibly adorable on your nape. This is an easy style to adopt.

Style No. 38:
Have you ever think to make a bow with hair? Yes with box braids you can easily make bow. Just you need to know how to tie a bow, then apply it to style your hair. Box braid bow will look stunning and give absolute classy look.

Style No. 39:
This one is another perfect pompadour style. Divide your box braid into three portions, make thick braid of each separated part. Now wrap each around one side of your head one by one. This one is cute and effortless look.

Style No. 40:
You can style your box braids as bangs as well. Take some box braids from the front and style them as bangs, if your braids are long in length use bob pins to secure them, take rest of the braids together and style them as a bun. This one is also quick and easy stunning look.

Style No. 41:
Next style is voluminous knot, it is bit irregular or messy because it is not that tight. This is really easy, can be made easily within a minute with box braids, this one is really hit amongst the women who loves box braids.

Style No. 42:
Box braids can be styled in various ways and styling them is also a fun, you will have a pleasure when you shaped them freshly. Just little variation gives you new look and one of them is reverse French braid. It is the smart look of half up and half down style. Its finish look is like headband with braid.
Style No. 43:
Try some micro knots to make high bun. Yes, it’s an interesting idea and slightly different from your regular hair styles. Make high pony for making this innovative style, then make micro knots to make the extravagant bun. This idea will rock definitely and your style will be the most eye catching style of the event.

Style No. 44:
You can stable your elegance in the days of hurry with this messy look. You just need a cute colourful head band to tie. Make a bun on your nape with box braid and tie with attractive head band, this messy look is really admirable in busy routine.

Style No. 45:
Tucked end really looks stunning with high pony. Simply make pony and tucked its end underneath with the help of bob pins so the ends will hide and it will look puffy. This is an amazing look which you can make within a minute.

Style No. 46:
An African inspired style is known as ‘bantu knots’. This is a sporty look, with loose braids. Make them smaller it will look like bubbles in your hair. This style is little time taking, after you done with it you will surely in love with these creative bubbles.

Style No. 47:
Leave your strands of box braids freely and cover your hair with dashing hat will give you the perfect street style. Accept the prominence of accessories in styling hair. This is easy style which you perfect trendy look. Style is nothing without follow the trend. So try to adopt those style which are in trends.

Style No. 48:
Braided loop is another interesting style for box braids. Gather your top braids and fix them at your nape, while tie the ends of box braids with elastic band, now pass them from the fixing side to make a loop. Tricky but wonderful style. Practice will make you perfect in loops.
Style No.49:
You can color your box braids in two tones, then whatever style you wear will appear in two tones, it will be fun. Separate your box braids in half and apply two different colors, then make a bun of these two toned box braids it will look extremely unique.

Style No. 50:
Make side parted hair and tie them in simple pony tail will also look elegant, you can use some ravishing ribbons to tie them. Make a ribbon bow and embellish it with pearl pins will look amazing. Match the ribbons with your dress to get more extravagant look.

Style No. 51:
You can give slimming effect to your face with A line style. You just need to make side parted style with bangs which will cover your forehead from one side, so it will not look broad and give your face pretty and slimmer look.

Style No. 52:
Style smaller box braids into two French braids and leave them freely on your sides. Your tresses will give bold impact of your personality. This style will rock in Fashion Street. Pair it with gold hangings to build more attraction in this style. So it will give the complete audacious and striking look.

Style No. 53:
Have you ever tried green hair? Try it for this time and style your box braid with some flower headband. This look is perfect for spring party. Use large flowers so they will visible easily in thick box braids. You can also add real flowers to give them beautiful look.

Style No.54:
Mohawk style is not only make with box braid bun, it can also be made with long box braids, leave your strands freely. Mohawk is the perfect look with shaved sides. It is one of the bold look which need better styling. You can add more fascination with draw something on your shaved area like butterfly, flower etc.

Style No. 55:
Box braids are ideal for mums. If you are mommy so you can wear easiest style of box braid that is bun, twist your braids with light hand and wrap them on the top of your head, secure them with some invisible pins. This one is easy and mums friendly up-do.

Style No. 56:
You can express love with box braids. Yes it is possible with a simple way, just style your box braid in shape of heart. This style can be made for someone special when you have the meeting, this style is the most creative and bold style to express your feelings.

Style No. 57:
Box braids bun are usually admirable in cocktail parties. They look compact with cocktail dresses. Make tight ponytail and wrap around the bun. You can give slightly baggy look to your voluminous bun. It will give little change look to your bun from the regular one.

Style No. 58:
Twisted up-do is perfect style for trend follower woman.  This one is the simple style, give your box braid twist few time and set around your forehead, this one is slightly similar to crescent look but in crescent style we made braid but in this style you just give few twist and secure them with bob pins to get fine and perfect look.

Style No. 59:
Box braids have hundreds of different style, if you are searching formal look, so try this style, separate the front hair in two parts, tie rest of the hair in pony tail, now twist separated front hair and shape them like a loop, so it will appear like bangs on front, then separate pony tail and make braids, now twist them and make a loop at nape.

Style No. 60:
You do not have any need to buy hats now if you have thicker box braids. Yes you can easily style your box braid in a way to make hat. This one is the perfect idea for any formal event. This shows how creative you are to designs your hair styles.
Style No. 61:
Another bold look with shaved hair is here. Make high pony, as high as you can and tie it with band or style with braid, then shave the rest of the sides. This style will give you the longer face look. Try this bold and extravagant look.

Style No. 62:
Speciality of box braid is versatility. This one is another cute idea to style your box braids. This is very simple take 2 box braids and twist them with each other, secure it with band at the end, do this with whole braids. This one is the cute girlish look.

Style No. 63:
You can embellish your box braids with small beads. Small and colorful beads look fabulous in box braids. Simply attach colored beads on every single braids, you can also take single color; golden or silver. They will shine in your hair and look like stone sewed in hair.
Style No. 64:
You can follow the styles of famous celebrities too.  I like the Beyoncé’s high buns, their twists and wraps are awesome, demonstrating style of arranging braids is wonderful, so I prefer her styles when I want something new in my hair bun.

Style No. 65:
Side swept up-do is best to prominent your facial features. It will look perfect with any outfit. Make pony tail to get this style and twist it slightly, secure it with invisible pins, take two to three strands from front and give them bangs look. Your simple and stylish look is complete.

Style No. 66:
Blonde your hair which matches to your skin tone to get perfect hot look. In this style colour choice is important. If your colour will not match to your skin tone, will give punitive look. After blonde them perfectly you can style your box braid whatever you want.

Style No. 67:
Do some scheming experiments with your box braids. Try this bun over bun style, for this style separate your box braids in three sides and make the bun from each side, make the bun in line from the end of the each one. This multi bun look versatile look to your box braids.

Style No. 68:
Give your box braid bun the royal look with chains. What are you thinking? I am not talking about gold chains here, but the chain of braid. Simply make the high box braid bun, then pull out some braid from your up do which will look that you have hang some chains over your braided bun.

Style No. 69:
If you are bold enough to experience new style so spread the rainbow in your head. Dye your hair with rainbow colours, then make box braids and style them, very few ladies can take this colour challenge. It will look fabulous.

Style No. 70:
Box braids different style need perfection in wraps. Band your braided locks into the halo. Halo is the perfect choice to make with box braids. Make French braid with your box braids to get fine halo on your head.

Style No. 71:
Normal bun won’t take so much attention as much the higher bun gets. So try to make your bun higher, this is only possible with long and thick box braids. When you have done, give them messy look, it will become tremendously eye-catching style of box braids.

Knots with Box braids


Style No.72:
Highlighted locks look stunning in every style. If you have highlighted locks so styling your box braids is not a difficult task. They will look amazing whether they tied in bun, or hang in pony tail or left them freely. They give your box braids sizzling gaze.
Style No. 73:
If your mind don’t work at the time of immediate night out or any other party just make simple top knot, you can make it beautiful by accessorize it with colored extensions. These extensions will give your box braid impeccable look.

  • To protect your box braided hair, you have to wrap them in satin scarf at night to rid of dryness.
  • For box braid you need thicker and strong hair, so try keep them moisturize all day.
  • Try to wash your braided hair once in a week so your scalp will remain fresh.
  • Try to use oils which are naturally derived they are helpful to keep your braided hair strong.Don’ts:
  • Don’t make a mistake to leave braids for years, you will get bald head when you want to remove it.
  • You don’t have to make braids again when roots get grow, your stylist can install the braid along with hair line.
  • Don’t pull braids at the time of styling otherwise after some time you will get them in your hand.
  • Avoid continues styling of box braids, your roots will get dull and weaker.

Box braided hair need more care, moisturize them otherwise you will get sprinkle of dandruff over your head.
Braided styles need your time, so whenever you apply box braid in your hair, keep in mind that it will take hours to be done.


73 Hottest Trends for Box Braid Styles