7 Unique Manicures Which Look Beyond the Style


When one is preparing to go out into the limelight or interact with the public, one makes sure that they look their best. That is why people stand hours and hours in front of the mirror brushing up their look just so people smile when they set their eyes on you. Having said that, everyone has those days when getting into proper clothes is too much of a task. So the baggy pants and a grey sweatshirt with a messy bun on the top becomes the new chic style. Even in that people manage to look great.

All that on one side, your nails on one side. Because your nails tell a lot about your personality too. If they are unkempt, scruffy and not neat, it will indicate that you do not take care of yourself. You do not put yourself and your hygiene ahead on the priority list. So what to do? In order to get more out about your personality at the first glance, keep up with your manicures.

Nail art and nail paints is an entirely different industry nowadays. Manicures never were so versatile before. The nail trends change by every season. They may change according to a pattern like soft watercolors in spring, candy-bright colors in summer and darker and moodier palates for winter. You may predict these changes but you cannot limit the capacity of creativity that varies from person to person. So what if you do not have the time or budget to go trendy every season? How do you still stay in the game?

There always is a middle ground in every aspect. In terms of manicures, what can we call a middle ground when the two opposites include funky and formal? Where does the line come in terms of not overdoing either of the things and still managing to glam up the look? This is why we bring to you seven unique manicures that go beyond the mainstream styles. They are not on either of the bold n funky or formal and chic extremes but are the overlapping designs in the Venn diagram. They are not boring and neither are they shouting festivities. They are just the right amount of both. That is what makes them unique and wearable the whole three-sixty five days a year.

So what is the secret of striking the right balance between the two extremes? We would like to reacquaint you with the idea of shimmer. No and no, the shimmer is not glitter. Hence it does not count as overdoing it. They aren’t hard to remove or messy to apply like the usual glitter and they create an elevated look without making you look like an attention seeker. So just the shimmer and you are ready? Definitely not. The shimmer in both chromic colors and dazzling shade is the new sexy. They will be the new big thing this new year. They will give your nails a futuristic yet not so predictable look making it the wild card of your look. Your overall impression being dressy but also laid back. Just the right amount that we aimed for.

But do not worry as we realize you are not an artist or a pro to understand how to make this look work just by knowing the ingredients. So we bring to you seven examples that you can work with for now and glam them up according to your own quotient. Read on for our favorite and unique manicures and how to finish them.

  1. Silver Sweet Spot:
    This shiny silver joins the new trend of chromic colors with the coolness of matte nail texture. You can even go for a gritty feel according to the look you are pairing it with.

  1. Mirror-x2 on the Nail:
    The mirror nail paint is the newest trend that is edgy and chic at the same time. You can get many colors in the metallic palate.

    Unique manicure : Mirror-x2 on the Nail:


  1. Shifting Chrome
    The new eye-catching look is the shape-shifting chromic manicure that changes color as you move your hands. Works great to break the monotony.

  1. Black Shim
    Whatever the new trend be, black will always be a hit. Even in a shimmery finish, it brings the powerful metallic look for the feminist fashionista.

  1. Marble Mani
    Marble manicures are always worth the effort. Use darker shimmer shades (e.g. bluish silver on matte black) to tone down the festive look for mid-ground unique manicure.

  1. Mermaid Shim
    If you like to play with more colors yet keep it subtle, use blue and green shimmers in unequal amount for a mermaid look that you can wear 24/7.

  1. Holographic Shim
    Our list would be incomplete without the perfect balance between too pink and too pale that only a holograph can achieve.

7 Unique Manicures Which Look Beyond the Style