7 Sweet & Sour Winter Food Recipes


Brace yourselves, winter is coming for some and is already here for the others. As the wind changes its tempo and the scale falls down to snuggle to zero or below, our body metabolism gears up too. Calorie intake increases to keep the body warm irrespective of the temperature in the environment. As our attire, lifestyle and activities alternate to adjust according to the season so do the food requirement of our body.

Winter food should be high in calories to provide for body’s metabolism to keep us warm, yet must not deviate from the healthy routine that we maintain over the year. Or else we would end up putting up weight in winters and trying to lose it over the rest of the year creating a paradox.

So what to cook? Anything that is slow cooked, roasted or baked and served warm for supreme coziness. From cheesy macaroni to chili garlic soups and hot chocolate milk with marshmallows, winter is all about comfort foods that are healthy and fulfilling. That is what we bring to you today, a collection of recipes that would keep you warm and healthy this winter. Here are our seven favorites.

  1. Chili Chicken & Potatoes:

The chili is all that is needed to spice up the corn and chicken. Add Bell Peppers to make this chicken pot healthy. Mash those potatoes and serve with a hot sauce, chips, and drinks.

A single serving will add 324 calories to your day with a bonus of Vitamin A and C. With 35gs of carbs, 26gs of protein, 10gs of fat of which saturated fat constitute 2gs, and 8gs of fiber, this dish is a healthy yet spicy treat. Just what you need on a chilly night in the winters.

  1. Squashed Broccoli & Spaghetti Lasagna

Who doesn’t love a hearty serving of casserole? But what about weight watching? That is why we bring this low carb recipe in which broccoli and spaghetti are mixed with cheese. It is a healthy take on everyone’s favorite casserole. With only 194 calories, it is high in saturated fats being 5gs of the total 11g. Bake it in the muffin can for a cool ready to go meal for mornings when you sleep in extra because who doesn’t love their blanket?

  1. Broccoli Gouda Smoked Soup

Cheese and broccoli soup is the classical tradition. However, for a new charm, smoked paprika and Gouda can be used for a smoky flavor. Cheddar can be used too but Gouda cheese is known for its calcium content. In addition to that, Folate from broccoli level up the nutrient factor to balance out the 316 calorie total. This includes 31gs carbohydrates, 17gs protein and 16gs fat of which 5gs is saturated.

  1. Berry Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette

For the weight conscious always on a diet people, this salad is the perfect combination. It has color in it, fruits and cheese with a low calorie and zesty topping. It is festive enough for a date and simple enough for quiet cold nights when you are too lazy to cook something. It only has 90 calories with 8g carbs, 5g fat and 3g proteins and a punch of necessary micronutrients hidden.

    Chicken Thighs and Potato Wedges Roasted in Maple

It is the easiest yet one of the most favorite recipes of all time. It brings together everything special into a hearty dinner. Thighs always bring a new flavor and the maple is the sugar in the sweet n sour of this dish. Roasting it keeps up with the healthy aim. Add in Brussel sprouts for iron and folate. Simple though hearty, the total calorie count goes up to 436 calories. High in proteins and carbs, the dish has only 14gs of fat in it.

  1. Vegetable Minestrone

Originating from Italy, a thick veggie based soup is for the weight watchers. Make a big pot and store single serves for cold evenings when you have a fear of getting cold. It is an easy and delicious way to start your meal. If it feels too plain, toss in some chopped chicken or pasta to satisfy your cravings. In addition to the vitamin bonus, it provides 161 calories of which 25g is carbohydrates, 7g protein and low amount of fats.

  1. Smoked Cheddar & Potato Quiche

Cheese and potatoes become the winter constant to satisfy your cravings. Chop some favorite weather veggies and bake them in muffin tins to watch your servings. It can also come in handy for lunch without leaving your work desk. With 16gs of fat, the total calorie count becomes 238 of which 14g is protein while 11g of carbs. The cheese is not just for your buds but also brings more calcium to the plate.

7 Sweet & Sour Winter Food Recipes