7 Sine Qua Non Footwear for Women

Open your closet and run a quick glance on the lower shoe rack and the upper above the hanger zone boxes. They will tell you which of the two varieties of shoes you have more. The ones that you pair up with your outfits every day, and turn to again and again for any occasion are definitely in the lower shoe rack (easy access). The others in the boxes are the ones that you own just because they are a sight of beauty but are one occasion wearable. The latter group certainly garners more attention and excitement of yours, but we all know that the lower shoe rack collection is what will actually get you through the everyday crisis.

Shoes complete the look and so it’s important to choose them wisely. Ask your child inside you, you probably also dreamt of having a closet dedicated to shoes only. We get it because we have been there and to some level even done that. But realized half way (gladly) that it’s pointless. No need to max out your budget or closet space when all you really require is seven basic pairs of shoes to make it through the routine fashion crisis.

For all those of you who wake up every day and end up saying “I have nothing good to wear” standing in front of a closet with so many shoes you have bought, it’s time to break that routine. We were kind enough to jot down seven pairs of shoes one can ever need for anything and everything. You probably have them already but need guidance as for how to pull them off seven days a week. From your style statement shoe to the casual everyday footwear, we have got you covered for all possible circumstances. Go ahead, read on and build your perfect wardrobe.

  1. Flats:
    Flats should be your go to for everyday errands. They are the most versatile of the seven pairs. They come in handy at work, play, weekend hangouts and even traveling. Pair them up with jeans, skirts, shorts or dresses, they will never disappoint. They tend to impart a polished feminine charm to anything you wear them with. Invest in a semi neutral black, gray, brown nudes or a leopard print. Go for the shape that elongates your foot. Almond toe works best compared to super Also consider the sole for support and longevity. No wonder they are a mom’s best friend.

  1. Sneakers:
    No matter what age group you belong to, sneakers are an essential for your wardrobe. Trendy they are now, and a great option for a casual footwear. In comparison to beat up sports shoes, they are classier yet comfy. Morning run, shopping, and hang out friendly, dance night or even a casual date, sneakers are a great option. Go for patterned ones with colors that would go with most of your wardrobe. However, blues and whites go with everything. Jeans, shorts, leggings, and dresses too. Good for the week days, even greater for the weekend nights.

  1. Pumps:
    You cannot call yourself a woman till they day you have donned the classic black pumps. The pointy toe and the heel height add sex appeal and confidence to your overall personality. Great for work, parties, interviews, and even weddings. The shape elongates your leg and is in style always. Throw them with literally any outfit, and an instantly polished look appears. They bind the whole outfit together, even if you have randomly paired the top and bottom. Go for the typical black or a nude heel, they work best with every color.

  1. Boots:
    Boots are a must have for the fall and winter. They keep you covered, warm and look stylish, all at once. The classic knee high boots are perfect for winters, however, invest in ankle boots for an all season look. Flats are a good option for everyday wear. Wedge heels work well with jeans. Our favorite is the stiletto boot. Date nights, dress nights, they can be pulled off so easily. They are clearly denim’s favorite dance partner, but you can pair them with tights, a dress or even work pants in winters. Brown is the color to go for.

  1. Sandals:
    Gone are the times when only flip flops ruled summers. A pair of nice sandals with a zipper hugging your feet is the new look. They give the effect of customized hand crafted footwear by a village cobbler from far off. Invest in a pair that can be dressed up and down. They look good with skirts, shorts, dresses and even jeans. Good option to rotate in summer with your flip flops. Safe color bets consist of the always wearable black, metallic silver and peach or nudes. Buy ones with a bit of embellishment and you can use them as party wear too.

  1. Espadrilles:
    Another fun option for the summers is espadrilles. Espadrilles are best for height suckers who cannot manage stiletto without wobbling and tumbling. Pair them with capris, shorts or a dress and you are all good to go. The flat casual variant can be worn for a quick run to the grocery shop. Opt for a lacy strap wedged variant to pair with a floral summer dress. Experiment with the patterns. Florals, stripes or stars, anything with bright colors would work great in the summers.

  1. Wellies:
    Till now we have covered all the basic seasonal grounds. However, rainy weathers cannot be overlooked. Hunter wellies are a good investment for a downpour. Not just when it’s raining, you can wear them to annual spring fields or when enjoying a barbecue party in a backyard garden. Pair them with a knee length dress or go for the classic body hugging denim look. However, experiment with the colors. Gone are the days when rain boots meant yellow only. Get your hands on red, turquoise, lavender or baby pink wellies. They would add colors to the otherwise grayish surroundings of a monsoon.

7 Sine Qua Non Footwear for Women