7 Recycle Ideas with Bike Wheel

Yes, these are the bikes which were once loved but now they turned to be old and is being placed in the corner of your garage all alone and dusty. And those metallic bicycle wheels that were once loved and cherished for their shape and there functionality, has crooked gloomy and lost its brilliance. But these metallic circles with a modest shine can still be marked with some creativity and creations.  Today we will share how these recycle bike rims can turn to this amazing and wonderful home and garden decoration pieces. Follow down and see how one can create sensations on old bike wheels into grungy chic wedding garland, wall decorations and clocks, furniture and small fences.


With this overwhelming wreath, make all your biking friends envious of you. It’s a good way for you to finally set that spoilt bike rim you’ve had in the garage into some sexy use, in this way you will also be able to express everyone in the community just how much you loved cycling and that cycle once.

Such a great way to show your love and passion for biking. Building a wreath around a bicycle is actually easier than it appears; just make sure you have all the essentials before you start. This project will not harm the wheel in any way, so whenever you want you can go out and ride on it once again.

So grip this short list of supplies and make yourself an awesome wreath or you can make one for someone else as a sweet, homemade gift. List includes

A bicycle wheel, some Christmas lights, boughs fake or real from an evergreen tree, bow, ribbon and Zip Ties.

  1. Bicycle Wheel Rim Clock

If you’re a bike obsessive here’s an excellent way to offer your wall a personal touch. Make your own bike rim wall clock.

Take out an old cycle rim. Remove any bulging parts such as the hub and other unwanted parts, including any. Clean your rim carefully.

Get a suitable clock, that must be cheap, and its better should ideally have a long hands. If you cannot find a clock with long hands, we can extend them easily. Gets a sheet of aluminum outta empty soda can by cutting down the sides of the can. This will be used for the hand extensions. Take down the clock. Wisely remove the hands. Ration the radius of the bicycle rim and cut hand extensions for the clock therefore.  Get your clock; hide it by using gear top on it. Place clock at center of rim, attach hands on clock and put batteries in it, Tadda your hanging home décor clock is ready at all.

  1. Bicycle Wheel Owl

Find a vacant bike wheel, or get one bought by your local bike shop. Clean it up a little bit.

This Bicycle Wheel Owl Art couldn’t be easier to make. As you can see from the photos, they appear to be amazing when hung on a stone wall. A railing would look great too.

This is an easy to make version, exciting family-friendly project. Just use some basic items you may have lying around in home or maybe in the recycle bin. You can diverge with materials to outfit what you have, but the basic requirement is something round for the body, in our case we will use cycle wheel as well as dual sets of lids (metal or plastic lids) to make matching eyes. You’ll also need something for the eyebrows and beak. Feet are possible by using three pronged forks.

This type makes a better-quality owl by using an old bike wheel for the main body. He’ll look great alone, or you can create a pair in diverse sizes to sit together on a wall.


If photography is your passion, so pictures is going to be a vital part of your home décor. Family and friends appreciates looking at the photos and they are a frequent reminder to your loved ones that of how much you love them.

Uniting a passion for photos with exceptional antique finds can lead to expressive, one of a kind photo displays that your guests will surely adore and appreciate.

All you will need is some basic items that are wheel, printed photos, nail or a screw and old clothespins.

Find a vacant bike wheel, or get one by your local bike shop.

Decide where you want your wheel to be hanged. Drill a lengthy screw into the wall and hang the bicycle wheel on the screw.

Use old clothespins to attach photos to the wheel. Switch the photos as often as preferred.


That old bike whacking at the back of your garage for years, you’re never going to drive it again, because you’ve moved on to newer models. But because of your love with it you’re not throwing it away. What if there are still ways to still grip onto the bike. Take a look at this incredible way to upcycle a bicycle wheel.

Take a sticker labels, bicycle wheel, chalkboard, plywood and modify them into something creative.

Get a wheel without the tire, count the triangles on it. To form a pattern, trace the area of one of the inverted triangles. After getting pattern cut from paper, dash it onto plywood based on triangles you have on your bicycle wheel. Use spray with chalkboard paint. Put chalkboard labels to the top of each triangle. Use hot glue for holding the chalkboard triangles over the spokes. You can use piece of wood at back of the calendar. With a bolt attach the wheel to the wood and then board straight to a stud in the wall.


  1. Bicycle Wheel Trellis

If you have planted a garden and it is now screening the signs of veggies, bike wheel trellis is not only a resourceful recycling project, but also a great way to raise peas, swiss chard, kale and anything with branches, you have gardened.

To construct the trellis for the peas, you can use two old tire rims that you can get easily through local bicycle shop. The trickiest part in this project is giving the support to the wheel structure. You can attach it by using thin wire to the pipe. Possibly piercing a hole through the pipe and injecting short bit of threaded steel or a dowel would help it to be extra sturdy. It’s a great way to keep the slugs, chicken and rabbits out the the gardens.


You must have got interest in the stained-glass bike wheel, as it’s kind of eye catching. This may look like a quick and easy-going project but it isn’t. It’s time consuming and will yield several sessions to complete, but the thorough work is so satisfying when you will be done with it.

You will be needing a Bicycle Wheel, Glass, that you can get cheaper online via typing stained glass supplies, you will get many suggestions and options. Copper foil, Solder, Flux, Soldering iron and a Glass cutter.

Once you decide on colors of glass you are ready to begin.

7 Recycle Ideas with Bike Wheel