7 Most Exciting Places to Spend Winter 2016

Though each of the four seasons have their charms, we think winter takes the crown. There is something about winter which sets it different from others. The warm, comfy feeling from snug blankets or a steaming mug of hot coca on a chilly night is enough to make anyone recall their winter memories fondly. And now, since it is right around the corner, we decided to take you away from your homes to some amazing foreign places where you could spend the winter of your dreams.
1. Tromso, Norway:
Tromso is a snow covered city island in Norway. What’s so special about this place? It offers breathtaking view of the Aurora Borealis from evening till midnight. Plus the Nordic cuisine is indeed an exotic and a charming add-on for anyone spending their winter vacations in this city. Tromso is definitely up on our list as one of the best places to spend winters.

2. Reykjavik, Iceland:
Imagine a city where the sunlight is only for four hours. Yes, that city is indeed Reykjavik in Iceland. Reykjavik has an ethereal feel to it but the beautiful landscape of this city is unparalleled. The snow laden mountains offer a stunning view, while the Icelandic cuisine will definitely make your appetite growing. And guess what? Reykjavik has its own display of auroras in the night sky. One of these features alone is enough to spend your winter here, but combine all these three together and you will NEVER forget your winter here.

3. Chicago, United States of America:
Our very own Chicago, the Windy City. Chicago is as deserving (perhaps more) as any of the foreign cities to spend your winter holidays. The delightful Christmas spirit is seen practically at every corner on every face. The winter season and the Christmas is celebrated joyously by everyone and is sure to brighten up your days from the moment you arrive here. Chicago is a fine specimen of the melting pot that is USA. You will be able to observe and appreciate so many cultures and their own Christmas traditions. Chicago is a must for anyone who wants to spend a memorable winter.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Amsterdam, Netherlands is definitely something to look at during the winter seasons, when the 16th and 17th century houses are strung with lights. St Nicholas, or Santa Claus, is the patron saint of Amsterdam, so you can well imagine how much involved the Dutch capital is in celebrating the winter season. From ice skating, to bicycling, to fireworks at New Year’s Eve, Amsterdam is a spectacular city to visit during winter.

5.Zurich, Switzerland:
On November 21, 12,000 crystal lights dot around the city to mark the beginning of the season in Zurich, Switzerland. Already famous for its stunning view of natural landscapes, Zurich is beautifully lit up in winters. A sight worth travelling for, Zurich offers numerous experiences for anyone looking to spend their winter here. Also notable is the event held on December 19, when children set candles afloat on the Limmat River.

6.Hallstatt, Austria:
We have been talking about major cities in countries. Here is a village in Austria, by the name of Hallstatt. Why are we talking about a small lakeside village? Because it has already been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is often voted as one of the prettiest village in the world. Hallstatt is in all its glory in the winter season, when the Salzburg Mountains are covered in snow, offering a staggering view of the scenic beauty. The natural silence of a village, the lake, the snowy mountains and the village itself is a dream come true for tourists or vacationers.

7. Lake Bled, Slovenia:
It will be very hard to resist taking photos every minute when you are touring Lake Bled in Slovenia. This picturesque lake is a true testament of how beautiful Nature is. Lake Bled has the only island in Slovenia, which is the location for the Church of Assumption. But the truly amazing feature of the whole scene are the snow capped mountains looming behind, the beauty of which we simply cannot describe. Lake Bled should be on the list of every person who want to spend an unforgettable winter.


7 Most Exciting Places to Spend Winter 2016