7 Incredible Crafts Made with Recycle Material

There is an old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Have you ever worked on that? These 7 incredible crafts can be made with recycle material. Recycling is easy if you have some clever awesome ideas that can be done by using clothespins, aluminum cans, old juice cartons etc.
1. Bird Feeders by using Aluminum Can:
All you be needing is of course some birdseed, some paint, aluminum cans, paintbrushes, ribbon, dowel, hot glue and some stuff for decoration of the cans.
Cans can be painted by using paint left from the home renovation. After paint get dried, decorate the cans with decoration stuff.
In-order to make a post for birds to sit on; cut dowel into small pieces and fix it to the cans using hot glue.
Tie up ribbons around the cans and hang them from trees or roofs. Fill up cans with bird seed and let the birds discover their new bird feeders.

2. Light Bulb Vase:
Use hammer and nail to break the top black part of bulb. Now carefully break the next layer inside the bulb carefully, you will have vase. Hanger for the bulb can be made by using wire.
In-order to have a hanging vase, you have to drill two holes in bulb base and attach floral wire
Decorate your gallery using up cycled vase.

DIY Light Bulb Vase


3. Old Key Wind Chime:
You will need paints, few old keys and strings. Paint your keys and stick by using different coordinating colors.
Tie a piece of string to each key and tie it to the stick and make sure that each key will be close enough to its side key so that they will chime when wind blows.
You can gift them or can use them for hanging purpose.

4. Clothes Pins by Using Chopsticks:
You will be needing chopsticks (3 and a half inch) and bicycle inner tube in form of rings.
Take two sticks together and wrap up one of its top edge with inner tube, really tight and middle of the two sticks, firm not too tight in this way your clothes can be fit between two sticks.

5. Coin Purse Using Water Soda Bottle:
Plastic bottles can be bowed into something useful like coin purse. You can even add your own style by decorating it.
Take two plastic bottles (can be of two different colors but should be of same size) and cut off the base of each bottle.
Attach the zipper by stitching it to bottles; you have the option of decorating it as well.

6. Cell Phone Pocket Using Old Jeans:
You will need one pair of blue jeans pockets. If pockets already having some pretty embroidery, it’s not even required to decorate it.
Stitch two pockets together or you can use fabric glue as well for this purpose.
Use hook closure in such a way that the scratchy half will be on the bottom and the loop closures soft half will be on the top.

7.Bottle Cap Flower:
You will need few of bottle caps, a tin can lid, a stick and glue. After bending bottle caps into petal shape glue them on tin lid.
Now you have a complete flower. Attach a chopstick in between two of the petals by gluing it onto the can lid.



7 Incredible Crafts Made with Recycle Material