Gone are the days when obsolete technology like VCR was something only the richest could afford. Now, you probably don’t even know what VCR was. Technology is being developed at a rampant rate, like a forest fire spreading through a forest soaked in oil. We cannot simply survive without our gadgets because they make our life so convenient. New technology is being developed every day. Below is a list of some of the most innovative gadgets of 2016.

HTC Vive:
You may have heard about the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift which gives an astonishing experience of virtual reality. Yet the HTC Vive is receiving rave reviews from its users for providing an even more lifelike experience. While Oculus Rift was only a headset designed for viewing virtual reality only, HTC Vive allows you to actually interact with your virtual surroundings. The headset is designed to utilize “room scale” technology to turn a room into a 3D space via sensors. The user can navigate around naturally and with motion tracked handheld controllers; he can vividly interact and manipulate objects and environment with an uncanny precision. Seems like the Matrix series can be turned into real life after all.


INTEL 3D replay technology:

Imagine watching Ronaldo right up front when he scores a goal. Or Messi dodging player’s right in front of you. That’s right. The new INTEL 3D replay technology has made it possible to view a live stream match in a 360 degree view. In an NBA All Star Game, Replay created a seamless 3-D video rendering of the court using 28 ultrahigh definition cameras positioned around the arena and connected to Intel-based servers. Which means while you are watching a sports event with your friends, you can analyze the players while they are moving. It’s not just a cool entertainment gadget; this can also be used to for training others in sports.



Wondering what to gift your cousin on his birthday? Phonotonic is the perfect gadget for music buffs. And the concept is indeed a simple one. A sensor fitted on the ball will convert the throwing and shaking of the ball into music via an app on your phone. Or you can simply attach the sensor on your arm and create music by moving your arm in various ways. Michael Jackson would have been the greatest composer by now.



3D Systems ChefJet Pro:
Remember the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel? It was made up of various confectionery items and sweets. What if it happens in real life? The 3D Systems ChefJet Pro has made it possible to actually “print” three dimensional edible sweets in any shape or design you want, including interlocking candies, sugar sculptures, architectural cakes and so much more. The printer supports various types of edibles like chocolate, sugar or candy which can create beautiful and delicious culinary dishes, food decorations or even miniature sculptures. That means, if your friends are really salty, you can now create and eat your own sweet friends.

LEGO WeDo 2.0:
Who doesn’t love Lego? We have spent countless hours of our childhood (some of us still do) in building and destroying up stuff. Now, LEGO WeDo 2.0 is released for educating kids in robotics. How cool can it get? LEGO WeDo allows children to add electronics to LEGO models. The range includes sensors that detect inputs as well as motors that can be programmed. Kids can build models and write codes to control them and hence they can design and build their own inventions. Who would have thought robotics can be taught at childhood?


Why bother troubling yourself with adjusting your camera angle or hands to get the perfect shot when you have PODO? This first Stick and Shoot camera can stick on any surface and shoot awesome photos, videos or time lapse videos. It is the simplest way to avoid all the trouble of getting the perfect camera angle or adjusting your arms. Via the PODO app, you can adjust the camera settings, take the perfect shot and even see live videos on your mobile. A dream for all the photography buffs out there.

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension Set:

This three feet long strip is loaded with powerful lights to produce an incredible lighting effect on any surface you want. Via the Philips Hue app on your device, you can adjust the brightness. The Lightstrip plus Extension Set is designed to automatically diffuse light to give a soft glow of up to 16 million different colors of your choice. Plus it can be bent, shaped and even cut to easily fit in your spaces. Every home will now have a classy, elegance in their rooms.