7 Christmas Nail Art Designs To Rock in 2017

Let us talk about the most awaited and the most commonly celebrated event of the year all over the globe. Christmas! It is a time of celebrations, holidays, lovely weathers, exchanging gifts, sharing the love and caring. All of this and being creative is what everyone looks forward to. It is the perfect time of the year to enjoy and be part of festivities. There are countless ways of Christmas where one can exhibit creativity and add a personal touch. From decorating trees to houses and selecting your clothes, nails, hair, and shoes for the holiday, everything is a platform to show off your unique style. That is why girls love the Christmas season because they have all the time in holidays to be creative in their nail and hair designs.

Nail art is an art medium where your nails are your canvas and you can paint them any way your mind wants. You can use different designs, combinations, and tools to create classy eye-catching and heart-appealing nails. You can modify them according to your mood, your clothes, the occasion or the season. Not everyone can get their brain popping new ideas for every festive occasion because it is not a piece of cake to follow fashion and style. Having said that, that is no reason to not have your nails polished and buffed to perfection and make them go with your dress for Christmas. Be it a Christmas party, dinner or lunch, the traditional red and green colors with a white flake is the easiest way to go.

Think of what comes to your mind when you hear the word Christmas. Trees, leaves, bells, candy canes, Santa Claus, reindeers, and snowflakes. All of this can be depicted in your nail art so that you can enjoy the festivities of Christmas looking glamorous and chic. Do not worry you would not need to get a saloon nail kit just to catch up with the trends. All you would need is some nice nail colors, glitters and some theme stickers if you want to splurge a bit because after all, it is Christmas. We have got a great list of 7 nail art ideas for Christmas and the holiday season as your pre-Christmas gift! They will be the perfect choice for any outfit you have got already ready for the snowfall day. Read on, try them and inspire!

  1. Candy Cane Nails
    Paint your nails red to start off with. Use thin tapes over them and paint it with white nail paint. Do this on three nails. Make J shapes on the rest two nails using the white nail polish. Apply a sugary top coat and voila!

  1. Reindeer Nails
    Santa can surely not travel without the reindeer. Paint your nail shiny red for the base. Use a brown nail color for the face. Add eyes with white and black nail paints and the nose with the same red glitter nail polish. Outline all the features with black nail color for definition. Top it off with a clear coat.

  1. Santa Hat Nails
    Use a silver glitter nail paint as the base. Make a hat using a bright red nail color. Outline it with black nail paint. Use a white nail color to add details to the Santa Hat. Do not forget to secure everything with a top coat or Santa won’t get you a gift.

  1. Christmas Tree Nails
    Get a black or white nail paint as your base depending on the time of the event you will attend. Then use tapes to form an inverted V. Apply a matte green nail paint inside the V. Sprinkle some glitter and add a star on the top of the V. To make everything stay, use a top coat.

  1. Fairy Light Nails
    Celebrations without fairy lights? Not possible. Paint your nail white for the base. Use a thin brush to make the black rope. Add small droppers of red, green and yellow nail color on the black rope as your lights. To go pro artist, add a hint of the white nail for the lightening effect.

  2. Snow Flake Nails
    Apply your favorite blue color as the base. Then pour some white nail color on a plastic plate. Use a thin brush or a paper and dip it in the white nail paint. Use it to make 3 intersecting lines. Add short angled lines at the end of the white lines and your snowflake is done.

  3. Jingle Bell Nails
    This is for girls who are suckers of the ombre art. You will need a golden nail color for the base, a red nail glitter as the ombre, and a sponge to get the gradient effect. Use a corrector or nail polish remover on a Q-tip to clear the sides. Finish off with a top clear coat.




    Christmas Nail Art Designs 


7 Christmas Nail Art Designs To Rock in 2017