7 Brands to Follow to Make Your Winter More Exhilarating

Out of the four seasons, perhaps it is the winter season for which people await most. Although each season has its own charms, there is something about winters that separates it. Maybe it is the idea of snowfall, or coats and jackets, or steaming mugs of lattes or perhaps a combination of all. Be that as it may, all the fashion brands are hard at work to gear up for their winter collection. Now, no one would want to Yosemite Sam in winters even if you don’t know what to choose from. This is why we have compiled a list of some of the fashion brands which will not only make your winter warm and cozy but will give you a dash of elegance too.


  1. Arc’teryx:
    Arc’tyrex is a Canadian outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. It was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1989. Arcteryx jackets receive rave reviews from its customers. Not only does it provide jackets which are better looking than most, there is great deal of meticulous skill and time invested in making them. While they may be pricey, they certainly provide the top quality winter apparel.

  1. Patagonia:
    Patagonia, Inc. is an American clothing company founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1973. They mainly sells and showcases sustainable outdoor clothing. Patagonia is really considerate about the environment, as shown in the durability of their items. Also they keep innovating their designs, instead of just recycling their old ones. Plus it is not the most expensive ones so there is that too.

  1. Eddie Bauer:
    Eddie Bauer has recently greatly improved their outdoor gear. They often have sale on their web store up to 50% off. Just keep an eye on the website. If you don’t find any sale there, just watch and wait, 30% off coupons are very common.
  1. Pajar:
    The Canadian company, based in Montreal, Pajar is best known for its waterproof, warm and comfortable shoes. However, it also produces a line of lasting winter coats. In spite of their jackets being expensive, they will still last years and provide ample amount of warmth even in the coldest of days. Their strategy is to incorporate a haute couture Canadian outerwear. They were even been selected to provide the outfits of the Canadian ski team in 1989. They are continously mentioned in fashion editorials for magazines around the world .
  1. Altrec:
    Altrec is the brand to choose when you want a heavy duty jacket or apparel for skiing or other extreme activities. Altrec provides jackets for every age group to every gender for every season. They have some of the best brands in the world for a suitable price range.

  1. Rudsak:
    Rudsak is a Montreal based retailer that has quickly made its way into the Canadian market as one of the leading brands for winter coats. The company manufactures accessories, apparel, outerwear and other items for people of all ages and all prices. Their coats are known for their comfort and warmth while also being stylish.

  1. Columbia Sportswear:
    Columbia Sportswear is known for their top quality outerwear. They are operating in the market for nearly 70 years and have a diverse array of their clothing line for outdoorsy stuff, especially during winters. However as their main focus is on outdoor, adventurous activities, their concern is on maintaining the quality of their apparel rather than the style, which is still pretty good nevertheless.




7 Brands to Follow to Make Your Winter More Exhilarating