7 Beauty Makeup Tips to Make Blue Eyes More Gorgeou

Every eye color is stunning and has its own individuality. Among other eye colors, blue eyes are one of the rarest one out there. Women with blue eyes will always have a great benefit as their iris is beautifully glowing, clear, and their stare is charismatic. So if you’ve got them, you can really make them pop by putting up right makeup that will boost and enhance the blue color of your eyes.

Right shade of liner, mascara, eye shadow or lipstick will improve your eye color, making your eyes look wider, brighter and more vibrant.

So ladies, let’s have a trip on down and keep reading for some of the best makeup tips for blue eyes.

Lipstick Colors that Goes Best with Blue Eyes:
Ladies with Blue-eyes have some gratifying and fabulous preferences in lipstick colors. Give some proper attention; choose the right shades that go smoothly onto your lips.

1.Pink tone Lip Colors:
Mostly women having blue eyes look fabulous in pink tones. From soft touch of pale pink to more energetic raspberry tones, pinkish lips are paired to blue eyes.
You can go with variety of colors matte creams or glossy shine, bubblegum or strawberry pink. Pure pinks are attractive and suitable for informal days or the office.
Go with soft plum color and see how it compliments and boosts your eye color.

2. Red Tone Lip Colors:
Red color is for every woman; well it goes best with blue eyes. The blue-eyed girl selects a true bold red with blue undertones, when she wants to bring some drama. Just keep one thing in your mind; you must have to tone down your other makeup, when you make such a strong decision with your lip color.

The right eyeliner color makes your eyes more beautiful.
If you having blue-eyes then it comes to learn how to put on eyeliner, when there are several colors that just appear to improve them and make them pop even more.
Even the simplest liner you choose can bring out the blue of your eyes. Sometimes it’s a subject of trial but it’s kind of the best way to pin point your selection for the perfect shades. The colors that can be used on blue eyes include lavender, taupe, plum, bronze, silver, gold, purple, slate and blue.

3. Purple Eyeliner:
The first color that comes to mind whenever going for eyeliner may not be the purple one, but on blue eyes it looks astonishing and by doing so you can draw even more attention to your eyes as purple is a mixture of red and blue.
Use of purple eyeliner with blue undertones will bring out the blue magnificently. Whenever working on an eyeliner color to wear, always go for a darker shade of purple as it will give you the wonderful contrast for the most remarkable eye makeup effect.

4. Blue Eyeliner:
For people with blue eyes, one of the makeup hacks is ditching the black eyeliners and goes with blue color eyeliner.
Just remember not to go for a shade of blue eyeliner that is deeper than your own eyes color, so that it doesn’t take away your natural blue color of the eyes.
When you choose blue eyeliner, this color brings your blue-eyes color out in full force.

Eye shadows to enhance prettiness of blue-eyes:
Taking into consideration, blue color pairs well with almost any shade, marine eyes should never look washed out. No doubt blue eyes are pretty even without any make-up, they are improved even more with eye-shadows in expected tones such as light brown or beige.

5. Silvery Eye Shade:
Going to a party? You can choose a shiny shade of silver. If you have an art of blending eye shades then shimmery shade could go with your blue eyes well.
After applying base color apply the shade of silver on your eye lid with the combination of black shade blending at the outer corner of the eye.
This look goes well with a red lip color. For a complete look apply the silver eye shade on the inner line as well continual to the lower lid.



6. Blue Eye Shade:
According to few people usage of blue eye shades over blue colored eyes is not a good approach.
Well this statement is kind of controversial here because for some blue works really good as well. Keeping in mind those dark blue eyes must be given a stroke of lighter blue shade, and the light blue eyes must be given a touch of dark blue color.
One have a choice of merging different colors with blue shades like a dark blue can be merged with a black shade to give a fabulous look.


Mascara meant for your blue eyes:
Picking up right mascara for your eyes shouldn’t have to be devastating. It is all about having knowledge of the best mascara for your eye color. Whether black, brown, purple, blue or any other color, your mascara can be a way to explore fashion.

7. Brown Mascara:
High volume mascara have great impact for night time and by using brown colored mascara, one can bring more innovation to baby blue eyes.
You have to be careful with your eyeliner and eye-shadows that they mustn’t be darker than your lashes. This color contrast can be especially evident in photos.



7 Beauty Makeup Tips to Make Blue Eyes More Gorgeou